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Managed Service Provider Chicago: The Benefits of Managed IT Services

05th December 2016
Third party IT solutions can be implemented on different models. The hosted model, managed model, and hybrid model are the most popular. In a hosted model, a third party owns and maintains the solutions, and charges the customer a flat monthly fee. In a m... Read >

Desktop IT Support Chicago: The Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

05th December 2016
In computing, virtualization is the placement of virtual infotech resources on actual infotech resources. For example, when desktop virtualization is performed by a provider of desktop IT support in Chicago, software is used to separate the computing envi... Read >

The Benefits of Hosted IT Support for Chicago Business

05th December 2016
As the new year moves forward, many companies will look for ways to reduce operating expenses and implement better IT solutions without experiencing a decline in productivity. For companies in the Windy City that lack internal IT resources, one of the mos... Read >

How to Select an Avaya Business Partner in Chicago

05th December 2016
If your Chicago-based company is planning to implement an Avaya telephone system but hasn't searched for an Avaya business partner in Chicago, doing so should be its next move. However, choosing the right provider can be easier said than done. If this is ... Read >

Avaya Business Support: Four Ways Hosted Phone Systems Cut Costs

05th December 2016
If your company needs a new Avaya telephone system but lacks the capital to buy the system outright, implementing a hosted telephone network is an excellent alternative. In a hosted phone solution, the software and hardware that comprise the system are ow... Read >