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Misconception Of Bamboo And Rattan Products

30th April 2020
With the requirements of low-carbon in our daily life, more and more people prefer to buy environment friendly products compared with those people many years ago. Talking about green products, I’m sure that many of you can blurt out many products that bel... Read >

Prosperous Future of Bamboo Industry-Bamboo Handbags

20th August 2017
Bamboo forest, widely distributed in the world, is known as the “world’s second largest forest”. The bamboo industry, based on the development and utilization of bamboo resource, has universally been recognized as green industry with enormous economic val... Read >

Reasons To Buy Living Pillows For Adults

06th February 2017
One thing I'm definitely sure is that each individual person does have pillows of their own, even including babies do. Nowadays with rapid economic development people experience severe pressure from work, society and family which leads a series of bad con... Read >