Virtual CFOs pave the way for SMEs

08th May 2020
Rise in Salaries makes it a costly affair for SMEs to avail the services of a full-time CFO. Mid-sized and smaller companies have adopted the better option of Virtual CFO that give the accurate financial advice at one-third the Cost. Having a Virtual... Read >

CFO Compensation Rise at 6.7% .How does this affect Smaller Businesses?

08th May 2020
Its simple, you need to pay them more. And by more I mean a huge chunk will be written off from companies profit statement. Though many are surprised by this news, the intricacies of such a news always bring to question as to what is it so special abou... Read >

Growing the Revenue Tree

30th April 2020
One of the key areas of running a business enterprise is the constant need to strive to grow the revenue tree. It is obvious that the more a company expands, so will its profits increase, which is an integral part of any business activity. It is only the ... Read >

Virtual CFO Myth or Reality

30th April 2020
The business environment is changing rapidly. There is a sharp increase in the number of E-Com and small enterprises mushrooming in the present market scenario. There is also a constant debate going around in business circles about the need and efficacy o... Read >

Offshore CFO

06th February 2017
Most business enterprises start small and can easily manage their limited financial and accounting needs. When this business grows, the need to expand the financial aspects becomes the need of the hour. Many entrepreneurs are good at what they do best. Th... Read >