Data Security, a major threat to cloud

06th February 2017
CloudIBN says it’s high time that companies should make educated decisions regarding their cloud adoption. They must choose innovative and impactful solution that offers a unified solution As cloud continues to expand through industries globally, along... Read >

Cloud IBN Assists PMC with Disaster Recovery Bulk SMS

06th February 2017
It has been recently revealed that IBN will be assisting the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) with sophisticated technology to implement their ambitious plans of sending bulk SMS services to prevent any loss of life and property on account of natural disa... Read >

Choosing Between Dedicated Server & VPS

06th February 2017
Painless choice is the Unicorn of the business industry. Especially when it comes to server arrangement, companies have multiple choices available in the industry. Good….. but confusing at the same time! CloudIBN the leading name in the IT industry, tod... Read >

Advantages of cloud to SMEs

06th February 2017
The cloud is taking over how we see and operate businesses. And this stands true for big organizations as well and especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). SMEs can particularly benefit from embracing the plethora of benefits that cloud has to offer... Read >