Richard Dorkins

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Discharge and bleeding in pregnancy

09th March 2006
Being pregnant causes a lot of changes in your body. Many of these changes are due to increases in your hormone levels. Most pregnant women know about changes like swelling, mood swings, and cravings, but there are other changes that come along with pregn... Read >

Pregnancy and Medicines

09th March 2006
Are Medications During Pregnancy Safe? The answer is – it depends.  Comments made recently by Britain's Royal College of GPs head of prescribing indicate that he feels the pharmaceutical companies are now being overcautious when it comes to me... Read >

Skin and hair changes in pregnancy

08th February 2006
Skin and Hair Changes During Pregnancy So you're pregnant. Congratulations!!! While you are pregnant you may look and feel better than you ever have. Your more unfortunate sisters may experience the opposite. The wonderful thing is you will return to you... Read >