Lynn Metevier


UVC Light and Second-Hand Items

30th April 2020
Have you bought any items second-hand lately? With the popularity of this segment of the retail economy growing quickly it is a good idea to thoroughly disinfect used items. Vintage clothing, thrift stores, eBay, tag sales, Craig’s list or free items by ... Read >

UVC Light and Your Germy Cell Phone

30th April 2020
According to recent articles your cell phone carries ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Some statistics place it even higher. Shocking, isn’t it? Scientists have found E. coli, fecal matter, and even in one case (on a phone stolen from a sick ... Read >

What Is UVC?

30th April 2020
UVC is ultraviolet light. You may be familiar with the terms UVA and UVB as they are the wavelengths of ultraviolet light that cause sunburns. The sun also produces UVC wavelengths, but it is absorbed by the atmosphere before it reaches the Earth’s surfac... Read >