Jason Rego


Data Quality Improvement is necessary for Business Growth

06th February 2017
The contemporary world is driven less by people and more by information or say it like ‘organized data'. It is the available set of information that allows an entrepreneur to take the giant leap and make a dent in the world and it is also these innocuous ... Read >

The Lethal Combination of Master Data Management and Master Data Governance

05th February 2017
Master data management and master data governance are proving to be stronger as a group rather than when used in solidarity. As the size of the data being generated these days is advancing, it is also becoming necessary to obtain the best from it besides ... Read >

Reduce costs with MRO data cleansing

05th February 2017
Defining MRO In very simple terms, MRO is Maintenance, Repair and Operations or Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). MRO is an integral part of MDM solutions provided by item master data management vendors. Challenges in master data management ... Read >
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