Avaya Business Support: Four Ways Hosted Phone Systems Cut Costs

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Published: 05th December 2016
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If your company needs a new Avaya telephone system but lacks the capital to buy the system outright, implementing a hosted telephone network is an excellent alternative. In a hosted phone solution, the software and hardware that comprise the system are owned and maintained by a provider of Avaya business support, which charges the customer a flat monthly fee to use the system. This arrangement allows companies to save money in several important ways.

Reduced Hardware and Software Costs

Implementing a phone network on a hosted model eliminates the need to buy new hardware and software to get the network up and running. The customer deploys and maintains these resources at its location, and streams telecommunications capacity to the customer over the internet. This allows companies to save thousands of dollars upfront when implementing a new phone system.

Reduced Energy Usage

The more live telecommunications hardware it has located onsite, the more energy your company will use each month. A hosted phone solution can cut down on energy usage by removing the need to locate Private Branch Exchange (PBX) hardware, data storage silos that backup phone system data, and other types of behind the scenes hardware at the location of the customer.

Reduced Maintenance Expense

As mentioned above, implementing a telephone solution on a hosted model eliminates the need to maintain the hardware and software resources that comprise the system. In addition to simply reducing maintenance costs, a hosted solution can also reduce the need to staff onsite IT personnel, who would maintain the solution if it were implemented on an onsite model or a hybrid model.

Reduced Security Costs

Proprietary data is the most valuable asset that most companies possess, so they are understandably concerned about how well the data would be protected if it were disseminated over a web-based telephone network. Because the resources are maintained at the site of the Avaya business support provider, it implements top of the line security solutions that protect data on the phone network.


Implementing a hosted telephone system helps many companies reduce the costs associated with owning and using the solution. Some of these costs include: buying hardware and software, energy usage, hardware and software maintenance, and security expenses. If your company needs to implement a new Avaya telephone network while minimizing expenses, a hosted solution may be exactly what you need. To find out, contact a provider of Avaya business support today.

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