Baby gates can make your house a much safer environment

Published: 17th November 2014
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Home sweet home is a very common saying, and how true it is. Everyone loves walking into their home after a long day at work. It is that welcoming environment that we all seem to love. There really is nothing like that homely sensation. But have you have ever decided to turn detective and look for the hidden dangers in your home? Have you ever decided to look carefully and see what things are safe and what things could cause problems? Maybe you haven't done this because you live alone or you don't have children. You see, it is only one you have a responsibility to protect a child (or indeed a small animal) that you need to do a bit of a risk assessment to see where problems may be lying in wait...and trust me, they are there.

Of course we all know about some of the obvious ones like fires, cookers, doors and kettles but sometimes the simplest of things that we all take for granted can be a problem. For instance what about that thing that we all go up and down many times a day without thinking? That's right, the staircase. To an adult it is merely a way of getting up and down from upstairs to downstairs but to a child it poses a real danger of injury. Not that they are aware of that though. They simply see the stairs a s another baby adventure just waiting to be explored. This is just one of the reasons why baby gates are an absolute necessity in any home where there is a baby or very small child.

Baby gates have certainly made a difference to child safety in the home. There must be thousands of occasions every year when a baby or small child has been saved from serious injury because baby gates were installed in the homes they lived in. It seems so amazing that these relatively simple devices can make such a difference but they do. Of course, babies do not know this. to them baby gates are just getting in the way of more potential fun. If only they knew!

We may talk about stairs being the obvious place to have baby gates but there are other ways that they can be used to protect those special little people in your home. Baby gates can be the perfect way to restrict a baby's access to certain areas of the home. We all know that a baby or toddler can move like lightning on occasion and that you only need to turn your head for a second and they can off, out of one room and into another. If you are busy trying to do some household chores or maybe even cooking dinner or warming up junior's lunch then you may not be able to give them your full attention, baby gates can be your best friend in this instance. You can use baby gates to keep baby in a particular room such as the nursery and you can monitor them from a distance without the worry that in two seconds they will right by your feet!

If you are worried that you are likely to forget to shut the gates behind you then why choose auto close gates as these do the job for you, and if you think you have a non standard gap to fill, you can often get extensions to use. And don't worry, baby gates do look very presentable these days and are certainly not ugly. So, if you are planning a safe house for your little special addition, make sure baby gates are on your shopping list.

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