Backload Removal Services from Sydney to Melbourne

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Published: 05th February 2017
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What is "back loading"?

Back loading is a phrase used by furniture removalists to describe an operation that involves filling a ‘returning truck' and charging less than the usual rate. Here's what it means; let us suppose we are moving a customer's household furniture from Melbourne to Sydney. Under ordinary circumstances, the vehicle would return empty to Sydney.

Now let us assume there is a prospective customer residing in Sydney who wants a furniture removal service to transport his (or her) household furniture and items from Sydney to Melbourne. We would be more than happy to use one of our returning trucks for this job and charge much less than the usual fee. If the truck is still not full and there is another customer who needs some items to be transported from Sydney to Melbourne, we could use the same truck to look after that customer too. This is a win-win situation for the customer(s) and for us.

Fantastic! So how much "less" is less?

Well, if you take advantage the back loading facility offered by Sydney Removalist Services Sydney, you only pay for the space that your material occupies in the truck and remember, the fee is calculated for one direction only and this makes a pretty big difference to what you pay.

If this is financially so good, why aren't more people using it?

For two reasons; (a) most are not aware this option exists and (b), in Back loading, your material might mean sharing the truck with material of other customers. We use the word "might" because it all depends on how much space your material / furniture occupies in our truck and also, whether we have another customer wanting to have belongings moved in the same direction.

So if your boxes and goods are properly labelled than you should probably have no issues with your boxes and furniture being loaded into a truck with another customer's belonging and this is likely the best and most inexpensive choice for your relocation.

Not comfortable with Sharing a Truck but looking for Cheaper Alternatives?

Ask Sydney Removalist Services Sydney for their self-service moving option. You will have the entire truck at your disposal and will cost you a lot less than the full service option. In the self-service option, you either help with moving the furniture or provide the labour for it.

Neither of the above options means that your belongings will receive any less attention or care than with a normal furniture removal service.

So the next time you want to avail the services of a furniture removalist call Furniture Removalist Services Sydney and ask for our cheaper options - why spend more when you can achieve the same results for a lot less?

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