Basics of Car Breakdown Cover

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Published: 20th November 2016
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Car breakdown is almost a common affair in any place and can happen any time. It will be tough to find a car driver who has never experienced a breakdown in his whole driving history. But the question is will you take all the damages on you or find an agency that will support you to recover your loss and cover your financial needs to repair the broken car. As a car owner you have chances to experience an accident; that's why you should know about breakdown cover. Tyre blowing, steam billowing from engine or such any other accident can happen and make an inconvenient situation any moment in your driving. In winter, the situation can be worse as the freezing conditions bring mess to car engines and you can do little against natural disaster.

Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a breakdown cover for your car in order to keep your driving safe and sound. A breakdown cover can remove all the worries related to your breakdown. In the time of breakdown you may not be able to repair your broken vehicle or you need an external support for your critical circumstance. There are variety of breakdown cover in different types and levels; you can choose any of them for making your car risk-free.

Types of car breakdown cover
There are two types of car breakdown cover. The first one is standard policy which charges you only membership fee annually and it's like an automatic type. In this type of policy you will have to pay just a fee on yearly basis and will get limited service within the year. You don't have to pay any extra charges for this services and your car will be repaired perfectly. It's convenient and flexible but you have to be careful since there are limited call-outs in a year. For this reason, you may have charged for some extra in some cases.

The second one is more like a conventional policy. This breakdown cover is considered as cheaper and comfortable for the policy takers. You have to pay an upfront payment for the call-out and the breakdown cover company uses a local firm to provide their service. After that you can claim your money from the breakdown cover company. It's a better, more reasonable choice for you.

Levels of cover breakdown cover

Basic cover

It provides generally roadside service. If you have a breakdown on the road your car will be rescued or fixed on the spot. This type of policy varies by different company but the main concept or service is similar. This cover usually doesn't serve you if your breakdown happens at your home or near the home.

Home service

It includes additional service to the basic cover. Along with roadside service they also fix your car at your home. This is a good policy especially for winter when the weather starts to freeze and the car don't start.

Onward travel

This cover provides some extra facilities when your car is in garage to repair and you need to hire a car for your travel. Until your car is getting fixed the coverage company will accommodate a vehicle to keep your trip okay. It also covers more than one person according to your demand and the company policy. They usually cover up to about 150 per person but follow a limit per group.
European Cover

Some people visit abroad often within a year. If you are one of them and go regularly outside the UK you should take out a European cover. If don't take your car in travel then this policy is not essential. Some covers have the option to take it only when you need. So, check out the option before you decide to purchase a cover.

There are two types of car breakdown cover in UK and you must to understand which type you are going to take on the basis of pay up.

Automatic service

In automatic payment you will be served by the company's own patrol or sometimes by their local agency, after the breakdown when you call. You don't have to pay since you have paid earlier for cover premium. Two major breakdown cover companies RAC and AA work this way.

Pay and claim

This is not a popular service even many haven't heard of this type of payment. You will call them after your breakdown; they will send a local team rather than their own line-up. When the repair is done you have to pay for it and send receipts to claim it back later. Well, pay and claim is cheaper than the automatic service since they charge only the accurate cost.

Free breakdown cover

Some renowned manufacturers provide breakdown cover free for a year with purchasing a new car. Audi, Kia, Ford and Citroen offer breakdown cover free as a part of sales package.

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