Beating the Brain Drain Through Computing

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Published: 08th May 2020
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This past week, Lumos Learning hosted its second webinar in the “Beating the Brain Drain” series. During this interactive workshop, students were given many practical ideas and tips for keeping their math skills sharp in the summertime.

Beating the Brain Drain Through Computing

To review the webinar content, use this chart with your child to reinforce his or her math skills. Work together to select ideas that appeal to your son or daughter. And be sure to get involved: many of these suggestions are ideal for two or more people! Please note that there is an additional column so that you can keep track of and check off activities that your child has completed.

Ask your child to choose just three of the activities on the list to start with. Try to start the first activity as soon as possible – today, if time permits! – and then work the other activities into your daily routine as you see fit. By asking for your child’s input, you’ll have a better chance of him or her “buying into” the idea of reviewing math concepts during the summer months. With games, apps, and time with family built into these suggestions, though, you shouldn’t have much difficulty convincing your child that math can actually be a lot of fun!

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