Beautifully Designed High Speed Fans In India

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Ceiling fans are very essential part of one’s life in India. With the demand for ceiling fans from urban to rural parts of country, there are many various choices of fans are available in the market. Bajaj, Crompton graves, Usha, Superfan and Orbit are some of the popular brands in the fan industry. There are many model in each brands, each model has different functions, color, appearance and specification even from the moving speed of the fan to its electric consumption such as power ratings.

The best ceiling fan price in India ranges from 1550 rupees to 5000 rupees depending on an individual preference and budget. It is much more sensible to go with ceiling fan of reputable brands as the brand company will offer longer warranty on their products. There are cheaper fans offered in the industry but then what u pay for is what you get as the cheaper ceiling fans might have weak motor, slow speed or/and noisier.

The high speed fans in India come from all active brands of the fan industry. Most of the brands offer an average high speed of 1200mm whereas there are a newer few model of ceiling fan that has a speed of 1400mm.

Design is in Demand:

The craze for designer fans INDIA has just bloomed. Many brands are trying to capture the market with many options and do your own fan offers. Most preferred designer ceiling fan comes in a 2 in 1 fixture with the choices of lights on it as well, making it a better choice for homes. Furthermore, even the lights that are attached with the fan have the option of lighting such as dim, normal, brighter. Another function when choosing a fan is that the mode of control of the ceiling fans. It can have a remote control, pull chain or just a normal wall switch. Another important factor is the choice of blades of the fan. The size, length and the number of blades in related to the strength and performance of the fan. But the blades could be customized for an individual’s preferred look.

Pedestal fans in India is another alternative for ceiling fans. It is used to lower the temperature of a warm place, that’s the same function as the ceiling fan. One advantage of pedestal fan is that it can be moved from one place to another easily, whereas the ceiling fan is a fixed fixture. At the same time the minor disadvantage of pedestal fan is that it takes up space in a place but ceiling fan does not. The choice is of one’s own preference.

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