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Published: 06th February 2017
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"Oh My God, Not Again!!" That was me before three months and not only at that time but from the last one year I literally have wasted so much of time and money into finding the right website which is legitimate and pays really fast to make my dream come true of online earning. Today I will like to share my experience with you in this 90% scammer's field.

The first stage is what I call when you start to browse on the internet for searching online jobs and let me tell you about this myth. There is literally nothing such as online jobs. Very less companies will provide you the so called online jobs in their own countries which will be much more like Data processing or copywriting. And honestly they pay peanuts for it. First of all you have to maintain accuracy of 99.9% or else your time which you put in it is wasted for sure. And you won't be able to justify about anything to these companies and make them pay you for your time.

Let's move on to next part - FREELANCING!! Yeah that's the oldest one. Now the difficult part about that is there is so much competition in it that you have to basically bid to get work from the companies. If the bid matches the client's budget then they will short list you and after that they will give you the work. But again good luck with receiving the satisfaction as well as payment from the clients.

The next big thing on the internet is AFFILIATE MARKETING, what happens here is basically you get commissions to sell other people's product and there is no help provided from them or any kind of tools or any trainings. So basically if you are a beginner then you are absolutely lost and you will definitely end up losing a lot of time as well as money and I am telling you that with my experience.

There are other ways to earn on the internet too which I have no experience with but the best one which I do and suggest to any beginner or pro whoever I come in contact with is FRANCHISE STYLE DIGITAL MARKETING. Now this is easier than other options but you have to put up money as well as dedication in it. It's not like you push a button and the income is generated which is the dumbest possible scenario anyone can say or think but yes you can earn income fast and you get step by step trainings and also couple of tools depending on the products you are promoting.

When I entered the arena of online income I was a beginner and really needed some serious money to clear off my debt. Being very vulnerable I choose all the wrong options and ended up make the hole bigger than it was, but one year down the line after trying really hard I earned my first dollar online (I almost cried that day with joy). I wrote this article exclusively for those people who are planning to join online income world. Guys it's not easy but if you work hard and put in some smart investment (depends on the company which can start from 5$ to 5000$) and dedicate yourself then for sure you can achieve your dreams but please choose the right legitimate company, research a lot and get coaching if you can.

That's all and Best of Luck!!


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