Benebone: Dogs Chew Good

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Over my time as a professional dog walker (and longtime dog owner, for that matter)…I should say: WE’ve all tried to find those impenetrable bones, balls, chews, or other dog toys. I don’t even go near stuffed animals anymore! Ropes? Oh, no. I have a dog drawer for my overnighters, and Benebone’s dog chews are the newest addition and now guest favorite! I have to say that the dogs slightly prefer the bacon…but can you blame them? Bacon, yum.

The first things I wanted to know: Are they safe? What are they made of?

In short – yes, they’re very safe.

If you consult Benebone’s website, you will see that there are only two ingredients in these bones: a protein (chicken, bacon, or peanut butter) and nylon. Remember – this chew is not meant for consumption. With that being said, nylon is a harmless plastic added to dog toys for added toughness. It is very durable and can withstand even the strongest jaw. If a small piece of nylon is ingested, it will simply pass through via stool.

Doctors Foster and Smith list some benefits for using a nylon bone:

Nylon is nearly indestructible and wears slowly without splintering.

Chewing keeps teeth healthy by stimulating gums, scraping away plague, and preventing tarter build-up.

Bones satisfy a dog’s innate urge to chew and encourages positive behavior. If you give a puppy a bone from a young age, it’ll be less likely to reach for your favorite flip flops…or kitchen stool…or belt…or phone charger…or comforter…

Did I mention they’re made of bacon? My dogs seriously go crazy over them. I pull out a huge pile of toys, and they all trade off on who gets to have the Benebone dog chew.

For more information, head straight to the source: Benebone. Products can be purchased on Amazon, Wag, and Chewy.

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