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Published: 08th April 2015
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For plenty of people, a beach holiday is their once a year luxury; two weeks in the sun, with extensive sandy beaches, tranquil sea is their idea of a perfect trip away. It does not take much imagination to take a step further and transform that annual trip in to a genuine experience by staying in a small, select hotel. Beach resorts are one of the most ideal locations for boutique hotels. The suggestion of stepping out from your bedroom into your very own special private beach area, or staying in an exclusive location just minutes' walk from the sea is a desirable one too many. No chic beach resort is like another, however, so it’s worth taking a look at locations and hotels before you decide exactly what type of beach holiday is true for you
Island getaways
There's plenty of opportunity for boutique accommodation in the world’s island resorts. From the Maldives in the Indian Ocean to the fabulous Caribbean islands, the lure of white beaches, turquoise waters and a peaceful ambiance entices visitors from all around the world. Beach boutiques on the islands make the most of the natural environment, using color and texture to bring the outdoors inside and creating relaxing surroundings that enable you to enjoy your beach holiday to the full. Examples of island boutiques include:
• Ostraco Suites, Mykonos, Greece.
• Quilalea Island, Mozambique.
• Elysian Bali Villas, Seminyak, Bali.
• Montpelier Plantation Inn, St. Kitts & Nevis
• The Lone Star Hotel and Restaurant, Barbados.
• Fundu Lagoon, Zanzibar
These are simply some of the stylish island hideaways providing for visitors that are searching for privacy and tranquility within a design- and service-led hotel.
Beach resorts.
It's not simply the islands that have wonderful stretches of coastline. The larger nations and continents possess hundreds of popular resorts where a boutique hotel can make all the difference to your holiday. Try the Old Quay House in Cornwall, England, where an exceptional location, a historical building and supportive architecture and design make for a perfect coastal retreat. If you're an aficionado of the Spanish coastline, then take a look at the Beach House in Marbella, which is one of the coolest hotels in the country. Rio de Janeiro has a sensational coastline and a party atmosphere to match and you could make the most of both by staying at La Maison, which is hip, stylish and simply a couple of minutes from the beach.
For many, holiday accommodation is secondary to location and amenities. For the true traveler though, it’s an important part of the experience.
We have the tendency to take travel for granted. It's simple and economical to get on an airplane to one of hundreds of destinations around the world, book into accommodation that's the same as all the others and find familiar meals and beverage. That's not real essence of travel though, as those who still choose to do it “properly” know.
The purpose of taking a travelling is to experience new countries as they really are. Experiencing the food, speaking with the people, absorbing the culture and living with the styles and furnishings are all part of the memories and understanding that you take away with you. Chain hotels and those just devoted to accommodating as many people as possible as cheaply as possible often can’t deliver this experience, which is why the market for boutique hotels is growing.
Boutique hotels pay attention to the layout of their hotel. Everything from the color on the walls to the way the staff greet you is designed to offer you a complete experience. Traditional furniture and hand-made fabrics are accented by carefully chosen accessories to ensure that nothing is out of place and that whilst guests are made to feel at home, it is in an authentic environment.
If you're intending a trip to a new city, and you want to be sure of a complete experience, you should consider staying in a boutique hotel. Unlike purpose-built resorts, these lodgings are usually located right in the heart of the city, often in older, more traditional buildings. Sympathetic design means that original features are usually retained, although contemporary design and decor are often placed around them, so you get a terrific hotel in an excellent part of the city.
If you want to know the best community market to check out, the least-explored historic monuments or just want to hire a bike to see the sights of the countryside, the staff at your boutique hotel can assist. Their priority is to make sure that you have all you need, so whether you want to go to the best established restaurant or find the finest walking route around the city, just ask.
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