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Published: 08th May 2020
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Online reputation management refers to research and analysis of the reputation of a business on the internet and social media. It also covers the process of rectifying the damage caused to the company’s reputation, along with rebuilding it for the future. As businesses are making an increasing use of internet to excel in product sale by online advertising, its reputation in the market is influenced by the way it is perceived online. Therefore, it is necessary for them to combat any negative comments and maintain a positive reputation, to ensure that they remain on the top. Negative feedback by clients and consumers can not only cause financial loss to business, but also destroy its reputation for good. Here is where SEO and reputation management can come to their rescue.

How Online Reputation Management Works?

As a company which has online presence among the top rankings, gets a negative feedback that makes way on the top pages of search engines, the reputation management problem faced by it acquires huge proportions. In this case, a reputation management company comes up with the vital role of monitoring internet and warning the business at the early stage about the damage it is likely to face due to negative feedback on the net. In such a case, the business is able to get the warning on a timely basis about the negative reviews and comments it has come across. Negative content can manifest itself on various platforms such as blogs, forums and complaint boards, where it is easy to post such comments without any kind of check. Many of these blogs and forums get huge traffic on a daily basis, which aggravates the problem for online reputation management company. The most important job for them is to act fast, before more negative content makes its way on the internet.

Pricing of Reputation Management Services

Since a company or business which is getting negative online content needs to take immediate action, they need to hire an online reputation service at the earliest. These services bear a close resemblance to SEO services in terms of pricing, as there is a huge competition among various service providers here too and price bids can be a good way to choose the most appropriate one. However, there is a difference between SEO and online reputation management services too. While SEO is aimed at getting to the top rankings of search engines, online reputation management plays a much wider role of saving the reputation of a company by pushing down the negative comments on the search engine pages. This makes it a far more important and time consuming process as compared to SEO, which is the reason why the bids related to these services are higher as compared to those of SEO Services.

However, when the reputation of the business is at stake, no price is big enough to save it from the negative content and businesses must not bother about the bid price but move ahead to safeguard their reputation.

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