Blizzard COSPLAY Competition 2015 Came Back

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Published: 06th February 2017
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On Children's Day, Chinese service released that the 2015 blizzard cosplay competition will come back. I believe many players has expected for a long time as there are many exciting things in the past two competitions. Like the stunning blade queen in the first competition and the amazing crow god in the second competition. So let us quickly see what surprise will be in this year competition. By the way, there are world of warcraft mounts for sale on our site, feel free to check it if you need.

Following is the detail content of this cos play competition:

The registration time of Blizzard Cosplay contest in the third quarter:
June 1 to June 17.

The competition rules:
The finalists 16 contestants will be invited to 2015 ChinaJoy Blizzard shows, attend in the blizzard show stage performances, and to show his wonderful works to players. And then the 16 contestants' photos will be placed on the topic website, through the form of voting, so let players choose the favorite COSER three. Finally, the final position of the top three competitors is determined by the official review, and the results of the competition are announced.

Award prize:
The third contestants will receive a prize of $10000. And the first and second runners will represent China's Blizzard fans, to participate in the global player of the year end Carnival - BlizzCon (Pacific time 2015 November 6 - November 7), enter the stage of the world, and on the other side of the ocean, with the Blizzard Cosplay players together on the same stage Carnival of the burning heart, a small universe.

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New cosplay characters:
It is amazing that there are several new characters added in this cosplay content. Due to the blizzard Cosplay contest always involves all products across all blizzard line. Therefore, in addition to everyone has always been familiar with role of the world of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, the hearthstone legend ", and" heroes of the storm "series of games, consider to BlizzCon last year announced travelogue" watch pioneer, participating also can try cos play the new role of the game. So all Blizzard games hero roles, waiting for players to bold to gamble, bring them on ChinaJoy Blizzard stage, with a perfect interpretation stunning the audience!

Wow! It's very exciting, right?  Of course, as long as you know the past two competitions, this year would be exciting as before. Until now I still remember in the second competition, the beautiful girl Zhang Meng, the crowd god in wold of warcraft, showed with the advantage of unique style and high cos difficulty, and gained all good comment of internet fans and official judges, also finally got the champion of the first wow cos play competition.

After read above content, If you want to challenge yourself, participate in this competition. We will continuously update more in formation about the cosplay contest for you. And we can provide various wow gears for you, if you have the intention, we can give you a discount price.

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