Board backed envelopes keep everything protected and perfect for posting

Published: 31st October 2014
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solution to a problem that we all encounter at some point.

Have you ever seen those programmes on TV where they go behind the scenes in industry? It can be an eye opener and not always a good one at that! Those packages and parcels that you may spend lots of money on to be sent swiftly and safely to customers and clients may not always be treated with the same respect by the couriers that you show them when packaging them up. Sad but true. It is for this reason that you really need to make sure that what you package up is in good, protective packaging, just in case it is not dealt with entirely properly. This is why board backed envelopes are a very sound investment when despatching important paperwork or valuable documents.

Many people may think that the days of needing to post important documents were long gone, but the idea that the internet and PDFs have done away with the need to physically post or courier items is misguided at best. There are many items that may be rare or collectable that cannot be emailed, or perhaps legal documents or books. The virtual world of the web cannot help with sending those so board backed envelopes are certainly very important when sending items such as these.

It is a strange quirk of the way the internet and the web has changed our lives so much that we now appear to be using even more packaging solutions than before. More and more people are running businesses from a website and sending goods to buyers through the post. Others are enjoying buying and selling goods through sites such as Ebay. This all means that the need for great packaging such as that provided by board backed envelopes is crucially important. Supposing you are an online bookseller, you will need a reliable yet cost effective packaging solution in which to send each order. Board backed envelopes could be just the solution that you need. Or maybe you sell artwork, very rare football programmes or other such items of a similar nature. Board backed envelopes give your goods that valuable extra protection that they require at a price that is more than reasonable.

So, it looks like you have a solution to your packaging needs that will deliver great results without breaking the bank, but could it be that you are looking for a little more in the way of variety? After all, packaging of your goods is another extension of your company branding, isn’t it? It is always good to reinforce your branding whenever possible so why not try and reflect this in the sort of board backed envelopes you choose? You may be thinking that envelopes like these are all boring and brown and have all the excitement and aesthetic appeal of a paper bag but you are obviously out of touch if that is what you think, because envelopes have really undergone a transformation in recent years. Yes, there once was a time when envelopes did possess all the charisma of a teabag but board backed envelopes are now very different. They are available in probably more colours and styles than you can imagine, meaning that whatever your size or colour requirements, there will be board backed envelopes that meet your needs. Forget about what you are planning to put inside the envelopes, the only limit to their design is what is available at the specialist suppliers of these envelopes, so make sure you have a good look to see what is available.

Board backed envelopes are tough, reliable and now, thanks to the many colours and styles available, they are exciting too!

Finding a good supplier of board backed envelopes is a lot easier than you think. Board Envelopes has been supplying a huge range of envelopes to customers for many years. They stock every sort of envelope you need in every imaginable colour and style. Why not get online and see the range for yourself on our wonderful website.

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