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Published: 28th November 2016
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Do you know Branding and SEO go hand in hand? Or do you know SEO and branding provide you same results?

Actually there is a biggest misconception about the brand among peoples. They think a brand is a product or company or something else such as its logo, name and packaging etc. So if these are misconceptions then what exactly the brand is?

Basically it is the perception of the customer towards a product or company. These perceptions decide the actual value of a brand and are the real equity of it.

So what's the relationship between branding and SEO and how they both go hand in hand to provide same results?

SEO deals with the right placement of keywords and phrases or other activities that increase website's visibility on search engines and on the other hand Branding deals with the company's culture and loyalty. If you incorporate both simultaneously then results would be outstanding but if you eliminate one or other, you may not achieve competitive marketing goals.

Let's elaborate the concept of Branding and SEO together from starting.

Suppose you are starting a new business and as you are new in this business world obviously no one knows about your company or products etc. Perhaps some visitors searching about your products or you yourself start targeting your keywords or phrases related to your products. The activities you did for increasing visibility on search engines and for making your website live for your customers all comes under SEO. However after making your business visible for the clients and customers, and when you start building credibility and loyalty among your customers, then branding becomes more important. This is the time when you may want to strengthen your relationship with your customers and to make them trust on your brand.

Still confused? Read on.

Before SEO, search engine spiders and visitors don't know about your website because of heavy competition in web world and similarly before branding, no one ever notice your website. After doing organic SEO, spiders start destroying the competition and let it visible for peoples and after branding through social media, peoples destroy the competition barriers and let the spiders come to notice your website.
Finally after doing all these for months, the spiders lets highlight your website on search engines and at the same time peoples recognize the brand as well. The result is same, at last your site is visible for peoples and your company becomes a brand after the perceptions of millions of customers and visitors.

That is the reason why branding and SEO go hand in hand because if both are simultaneously done, then spiders and peoples work together to destroy the competition barrier.

And in case if search engine change their algorithms, your site wouldn't lead down as million of peoples already made your Brand Reputation Management and similarly if trend change, your site still on top because of effective SEO strategies and also helps you to re- strategizing your branding campaign.

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