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Published: 17th May 2020
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The distinguishing benefits of using Joomla for your website

The Rajasri Systems, a leading web development company based at Chennai in India, is known for its professional excellence in building custom designed search engine friendly, astonishing websites that could produce amazing business results. Though there is a plethora of CMS platforms floats over the internet, the one that you could trust with confidence with a better return on your online investments which is highly critical for your business success is undoubtedly, the Joomla. With its remarkable built in features, extensive extensions and multiple user-defined functionalities, it is known as a powerful CMS platform that offers its excellent assistance to build complex websites for big business corporations and even Government websites.

Why Joomla?

You may wonder, in spite of the availability of variety of CMS platforms and the eCommerce systems, why do most of the web developers and designers recommend Joomla for building commercial web designs? Since it offers numerous advantages of immense flexibility, scalability, browser compatibility and high security over other CMS platforms, it has become the first choice of many to use it for their personal as well as professional needs. Some of the distinguishing advantages of Joomla when compared to its competing CMS platforms are discussed here as under:

Joomla is responsive:

With the rapid increase in the usage of mobile devices to surf and browse to the internet, the need for building mobile friendly, Open Source Software System responsive design business websites is also equally demanded to retain the attention of both the mobile and desktop users of the readers of the web page. Since Joomla adopts the Bootstrap framework, it easily slides to the mobile friendly dimensions offering responsiveness towards both the front end design and the administrative interface to attract the mobile usage traffic with ease.

Easy menu creation tool:

Probably the first reason that has made Joomla as the most popular CMS platform in the world is that it offers simple yet easy ways to create the menu tool. Most of the users of Joomla allege that it supports creating hierarchical menus with diverse menu items both internally and externally without requiring too much of programming experience.

Multilingual support:

Web sites being the online sales representative of business concerns need to be built in friendlier languages that are much familiar for the users to interact and implement the best features of his website towards his readers as well. Joomla with its unique features allows you to install it in any language of your choice, offering its assistance in about 64 languages of the world.

Built-in basic SEO functionality:

Since Joomla has built -in search engine friendly URLs, with guidelines to set up your meta descriptions and meta keywords for your website. All that you have to do is to enable them to work on your Joomla website to reap out huge benefits of higher search engine rankings to your website that drives in increased organic traffic towards your web page.

Front-end editing

One of the distinctive features of Joomla is that it allows front-end editing which means the ability to edit the content of the web page directly on the web site, of course with the right permissions, without having to log on to its administrative interface. This unique feature is highly beneficial for the end-users who are less experienced with Joomla’s administrative interface. However, this feature Open Source joomla Platforms works only for the articles.

Highly secure:

Joomla is one of the most secured CMS platforms that you could consider for building your web site. The moment you download the Joomla zip file and install it to your website, your website remains highly secured at once.

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