Building Muscular Calves The Sure Way

Published: 09th January 2009
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Do you want muscular calves?

building big calves takes tremendous effort for the simple fact that the calves are tough muscles, they carry the body they whole day without a beat. so you cant use a regular calves workout and hope to get great results!

Muscular calves signify a well built body. The calves are the most ignored part of the body during workouts. It is because the calves need a dedicated training plan, which is seldom followed. This makes one believe that the calf is a difficult area to handle. Generally, all calf exercises are targeted toward the Gastrocnemius muscle, but since the Soleus muscle is the one that helps you to carryout endurance activities, it must also be well trained. The Gastrocnemius can be trained with the standing calf raises and the Soleus can be trained with the seated calf raises. Incorporate enough variations with weights and ensure full range of motion in the workouts. Use a wooden block for the toe. Do a lot of toe raises in between the sets to optimize the gains in achieving muscular calves. to get them to grow you dont want the calves to rest during sets. you accomplish this by stretching between sets! a simple calf stretch in between sets will keep the tension on the calf muscles and "confuse" the calf muscles the results is tremendous muscular grwoth for your calves

Muscular calves can be developed through adequate training. If your calves do not respond well, then there may be a variety of reasons because of which the calves do not grow. You may not be successful in isolating the Gastrocnemius and the Soleus and targeting them.

The second reason could be that you are not sufficiently executing the full range of motion. Bouncing at the top at times does not produce results.

The third reason is if your ankles are not flexible you may not gain much.

The fourth reason is that you are not trying enough variations to target the calves from all angles.

The fifth reason could be that you are training your calves along with your upper body.

Extensive training of the upper body slows down blood supply to the lower body, because of which any amount of exercise results in reduced gains.

Sort out your shortcomings to get well developed muscular calves.

What makes good calves? Supersets? Drops sets, heavy work, light weights...done...

The key is LIES IN 7 SIMPLE scientific principles ...once you apply these 7 secrets the growth mechanism of your calves are unlocked and your calves will be GROW right before your very own eyes, so forget endless set of tortuous standing calf raises. Use these 7 principles and unlock the mass in our a few short weeks you will have prize-wining diamonds for calves

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