Business Model For 2015

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Hi I am Gary Pitser

Hear to tell you,about this great business model.

You search for a new business,year after year;

but you can't fine,the one,that makes you money.

You join many programs,but they are not working.

Some I have found, are not what they claim to be.

Once in awhile ,comes a great business

You can search the Web all you want,and you

won't find a ,better business out there.

I have seen many Cycler programs over,

the past 14 years online.

You know the ones ,I am talking about.

They give you worthless e-Books and they

cost around a Hundred Dollars to join.

You get 2 our 3 people, in your matrix and

those two or three don't promote,so you are stuck there.

You have to have go Getter's or a co-op, to make it work.

The business must have some lower levels,so

You need a good Auto - responder, with messages.

It might take your contacts,to look at your messages

more than 5 times,before they join.

Set up your messages,to go out every other day

This way you are sending out ads ,to your contacts ,while
you are promoting else where.

the little guy can join,and upgrade later,out of there commissions.

You should be able to stay in touch, with your owners.

It is important to be able, to contact ,your down line.

You should have ,many tools, to promote your business.

Introducing Ingreso Cybernetico.I know a funny name,but

you won't find ,a better business any where

but oh what a business this is,like nothing you have ever seen.

This business meets all the criteria, for your success.

Ingreso Cybernetico, has been around for 3 years

Beautiful Website,easy to navigate,great line of products.

I highly recommend,that you take a free tour, of this
dynamic company.

First it is and easy and a fast 2X2 ,on all levels.

A Solid Company ,with AAA Rating . . .

You get so much value with each level,To name a few

Auto responders,Funnel System,Webinar Hangout

Capture Pages.Learn a new language,Website Builder, etc

Truly, this is the best ,I have found.

Valid in 180 Countries,soon the whole world.

They have a complete Back Office, where you can see ,your commissions
and you can see ,the progress ,of your referrals.

You can see your Matrix and the names, of your referrals
Remember that name ,Ingreso Cybernetico

A Solid Company, with AAA Rating.

Truly this is the best I have found

Valid in 180 Countries,soon the whole world.

They have a complete Back Office, where you can see your commissions

and you can see, the progress ,of your referrals.

You can see your Matrix ,and the names, of your referrals

Gary Pitser


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