Buy Ceiling Fans Responsibly to Save Energy

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Published: 30th April 2020
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In the sweltering heat this summer, the only respite for the common man (middle and the lower middle classes) is the fan. A product of the industrial revolution the ceiling fan is still going strong. Today a

ceiling fan's price in India ranges from INR 900 to INR 30,000. One gets the best ceiling fan prices in India while buying the simpler models which are affordable for the middle and lower middle classes.

There are several factors that should bear upon our decision to buy a ceiling fan.
Some are:

Fan size are based on room size. The fan size the width measured from the tip of one blade to the tip of the other blade.

A fan larger than necessary is usable if it can rotate but a fan smaller than necessary will not circulate effectively.

Fan blades that are large circulate more air therefore more effective.

Fan motors are measured in watts, which indicates its power and in turn its air circulation. The motor's speed indicates fan operation, noise made and the energy used.

Saving energy: This is a criterion that people often overlook while buying a ceiling fan. Few people are aware that a ceiling fan consumes more electricity than a regular tube light and moreover the fan is used

day and night whereas the lights only at night. Therefore the best ceiling fans in India are the ones that save the most energy. Therefore buy ceiling fans that consume the least electricity. Bureau of Energy

Efficiency (BEE), India issues a list of such fans which buyers can view online.

Following the ceiling fan in fighting against the summer heat is the pedestal fan. Portable electric fans used for comfort, ventilation, drafts are pedestal fans. Some tips to keep in mind while buying pedestal

fans in India:

Blade sweep is the circular area covered by the fan's blades while rotating. Generally the sweep is 400 mm - 450 mm.

Noise is very less in pedestal fans.
Material: Fans made of plastic are cheaper and long lasting however prone to cracks if knocked over.
Removable Grills in pedestal fans are appreciated as they can be cleaned.
Oscillating, Rotating Grill is more convenient as the oscillation may be turned off when not needed.
Fan Power and Fan Speed too should be checked before buying it.
Height adjustable pedestal fans are advisable.

Hope these tips are helpful for you.

Ashish Poly guides consumers on how to pick and buy the right ceilings fans, install and service them DIY. Check more of the authors work on comparing the Best Ceiling Fan Price in India, which would help you further make better decisions.

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