Buy Silver Now to Protect Your Assets Later

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Published: 05th October 2015
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The stock markets have been hitting new highs (yahoo!) and there's money flowing in the streets. You probably haven't felt this wealthy in years with money coming out of your ears, right? Wait, what's that? Your personal wealth has not been hitting all-time highs along with the markets? Well, neither have we and neither has the vast majority of Americans. We apologize for making light of such a serious situation. Some of you are experiencing severe financial challenges. Unfortunately, we're of the opinion that there are even more difficult times to come and we believe that one of the bright spots in anyone's financial portfolio over the next few years will be shiny, shiny Silver.

If you haven't been following the precious metals markets recently - meaning over the last couple of years - you'll be surprised to know that after silver hit its high of close to $50 in spring of 2011, it's had kind of a bumpy ride since, and the direction has been mostly down. At the time of this writing, the price is around $20 or so. Believe or not, that's good news because the fundamentals for silver are incredibly strong right now and certainly do not reflect the low price. There's a common saying around the markets that goes, "Buy when there's blood in the streets," and we would venture to say that a 60% drop in the price of any commodity would constitute something of a bloody mess.

Why the Low Price and Why the High Forecast?
There are numerous theories running rampant over the Internet regarding the reasons for silver (and gold's) pricing challenges. A quick web search of "silver price manipulation" will give you plenty to read/watch over the next few days and nights while you're unable to sleep because of your outrage…! As far as the silver price forecast is concerned, you probably know that in times of economic distress, the masses prefer "real" money as opposed to the tens of billions of pieces of paper that our government has been printing out of thin air over the last few years. And what can be more real that gold and silver, who have been recognized as real money for thousands of years? Despite the renewed mania in the stock markets, the economy in the US, and in fact, worldwide is bordering on disaster. Countries like India, Russia, and especially China are attempting to get all of the precious metals that they can get their hands on. Think they know something?

The stage is set for some tumultuous times ahead. We've been shouting this for years now. We're surprised that it hasn't happened yet. Conditions have not improved. Our government is taken no steps to ameliorate the situation. In fact, things grow more challenging by the day. Sometime soon things will fall apart.

What Can You Do?
The first thing to do is to get informed and be aware of the current state of affairs in the world, your country and in your home. The second thing to do is take steps to protect yourself and your family. One of the obvious steps is to protect your wealth by purchasing some silver and gold. We prefer silver because of the incredible price potential it possesses. It will rise much faster and higher than gold. Keep in mind that it can fall more steeply and deeply as well though, so you've got to know when to buy, and more importantly, when to sell. To learn more about the silver story and how to invest in it click here. To learn how to make your first silver purchase, click here. Your research is key here. As with any new endeavor, you need to study up on it before you jump right in.

One more thing: It should go without saying, but all comments made in this article are just that - comments. We are whole-heartedly convinced in the imminent, massive rise in the silver price over the next many years, but of course, that should not be construed as investment advice. Do your research, form your opinions, and protect yourself if you feel the need. We are.

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