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Published: 06th February 2017
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The 1st stage of processing is entered the period of machined gear billet original. Due to the simple fact of standard spur gear transmission precision is largely discovered by the precision of tooth profile and tooth spacing distribution uniformity, which with the tooth in the precision of the positioning foundation (gap and encounter) has a quick partnership, so this stage is mostly for the following interval processing tooth preparation benchmark, make tooth inside hole and the precision of the conclude expertise of the simple meet up with the technological demands. In addition to work out the benchmark in this stage, for tooth profile on the region of the exterior the home of the secondary processing, also need to as much as attainable at this phase in the late to conclude.
The up coming phase is the tooth profile processing. For does not want to have quenching typical spur gears, this interval is usually common spur gears of the quite previous period of processing, soon after this stage ought to be run out absolutely satisfy the requirements of the drawings typical spur gears. For standard spur gears hardened, have to purpose out in this phase can meet up with the vital by the supreme finishing of tooth sort tooth profile precision, so the processing of this phase is to make specific that the vital phase of standard spur gear processing precision. Distinct consideration ought to be.
The third phase is the stage heat treatment method technique spur gear manufacturing process. In this time period of the tooth spot hardening treatment method strategy, the hardness of tooth surface to a specified demands.
The last phase of spur gear manufacturing process is the ending period of tooth problem. The purpose of this phase, the revised standard spur gear tooth deformation brought on by subsequent quenching, more enhance the tooth profile accuracy and decrease the region roughness, to attain the precision prerequisite. At this stage in the really initial offer with positioning area ending (hole and expertise), many thanks to the quenching pursuing frequent spur gears of internal gap and complete experience all will make deformation, if this hole quickly right after quenching and end confront as a benchmark for tooth complete machining, is hard to meet up with the precision prerequisite of the regular spur gears. To datum aircraft positioning for tooth profile of ending, can make the specific, reputable and allowance distribution is a whole lot a lot more even, in buy to obtain the intention of complete machining.

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