BuydBest’s Top Toy Picks to Help Your Kids Survive the Summer Activities

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Published: 04th June 2017
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Summer could spell bad news or good news for parents. One, you can spend quality time with them because school’s out or your workload is quite light this season. But it could spell disaster because you have to deal with the dark side of your kids. Not sure, what we’re talking about? Hello, tantrums of pure carnage, ear splitting screams because they run out of candy and the intense sulking you receive when they get bored. So how do you tame them and keep them at bay? Well, you have to distract them to fill their minds to keep themselves busy in the tedious road trips ahead or when stuck in campsites you just want to chill in.
But please don’t do that with the apps on your smartphone though. Please, we beg you because trust us we don’t want spoiled smartphone addicted and dependent teens that we see today. You get us right? It’s ok to let our kids dabble with tech but don’t you think it’s too early for that. Remember, you managed to survive childhood with just your imagination and what nature has to offer? Don’t you want to instill those old-fashioned values to your kids? With these imagination trigging, boredom busting and fun filled toys we guarantee they will enjoy these nifty picks
Road Trip Saviors
You’ve seen this in reality TV shows, parenting forums or your friends who are parents themselves, road trips to Grandma’s house/a natural park/ a theme park/a resort can be a trip of agonizing torture when you’re not prepared. And expect a lot of stopovers because kids cannot hold their bladder that long or risk peeing in the car. Also instead of getting shut eye throughout the trip you hear them arguing with the sibs. Bust those long irritating sighs with a Magnetic Travel Game Kit which contains, 36 assorted games in counter display magnetic versions of good ol’ games like TicTacToe, Backgammon, Hangman, Snakes Ladders, Chess and Checkers. We assure you they will be entertained to the trip and back! And keep them warm and comfy with a Large Airport Playmat that can double as a blanket!
Picnic Crusaders
Lush grass, bright sunlight, no cloud in the sky and the cries and rants of your kids. Do you really like that to happen? Do you want this perfect day to be ruined? Of course not! You want to be one with nature and enjoy its tranquility and peacefulness and keep your kids’ mouth on silent mode and their brains fumbling with Guidecraft G9002 PowerClix, 36 Piece Set. Trust us this ain’t the usually building blocks we grew up with, it’s easy to build with because it’s magnetic and flexible! We tried it ourselves and got addicted to it too! Camping out for the night? Make stargazing more fun with Zip Bin Space Toy Tote and Play Mat! It’s a bag that unfolds into a mat terrain of an uncharted planet complete with figurines! Plus it makes for a cool lunch box too!

Toys for the Big Boys
Of course we wouldn’t exclude the other man in your life that is both a joy and headache in your life; your husband! Now these toys shouldn’t be at children’s reach though or your man may get pissed. Make his time in bathroom more fun and let him practice his putting skills with Toilet Time Golf so that he could be one swing closer to be the next Tiger Woods. Extend his A-game to the office or even at the garage or basement with a Golf Door Stopper. And just in case he really can’t master that perfect putt, then get a Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball to alleviate his temper! Comes handy too when venting on his officemates you get on his nerves.

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