C12 Recovery Drink Highly Recognizes Tricia Kelly and Chad Byers

Published: 17th August 2015
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We call Chad Byers as well as Tricia Kelly as two of the C12 Recovery Drink Supporters from Beyond Fit. We thank you so much for the continuous assistance. It's a great thing for us.

With lots of things going on in the social world; it's not astonishing that messages go missing like when you are a newbie in marketing the latest product concerning recovery drink.

Q. So how does one cut through the noise?

A. Well, that's easy. All you have to do is present your recovery drink to your targeted market, and get acquainted with exactly what they're thinking about the product.

PRO TIP: In order for you to acquire success, it is very important that you believe in the post exercise recovery drink you are giving away.

Nonetheless, our strategy has never changed and is still simple. Present the C12 Recovery to people that values athleticism and has a strong media presence. With this, a lot of people will get acquainted with the product properly.

Essentially, C12 Recovery drink is shown to be an effective burning product. It's plant based, natural, and nonGMO.

Spreading the C12 Recovery drink in the market will require us to think about the best tactic. I mean, who is going to respect the work we place into this excellent product? Who's going to resonate with natural, nonGMO, plant based (AKA Vegan)? We were also questioning if people will be fascinated in purchasing this excellent quality recovery mix?

Needless to say, there are many people who would devote most of their time in a fitness center, and then hit to the store to eat up to their heart's content. Throughout among the C12 visits that Chuck and I (Gene) gone to in one of the local gyms; right after their workout they were gladly enjoying having their donuts as if they haven't tasted one before. That was really something.

These aspirant athletes will never be able to grasp exactly what C12 Recovery or the C12 brand is all about. Not our ideal customers.

Fortunately there's Tricia Kelly and Chad Byers getting into the scene. These hard chargers are the perfect example of just what inspiration must be and we are very proud to simply call them friends. These two are motivating people on a huge scale and are leading by example. They also thrive on a plant based whole foods diet. Their diet contain 100% meat-free.

As it is, we tried contacting Chad and Tricia on their Twitter account and left them a message, "Hey, do you guys want to try a new post exercise recovery supplement that's nonGMO, Vegan, and made with organic ingredients? Helps with the DOMS!"

Since they have agreed, we have been really excited and anxious as well.

Through this, we're able to have the good things. Given that Chad and Tricia have a number of things to say with regards to the product, they've offered a few of their inputs to us; aiming to enhance our formulation of the product.

Through their positive feedback, we're presently on the works for a new product that we wish to finish by the coming year. The primary purpose of this new product is to lessen the effects of the muscle soreness which is usually experienced immediately after a number of hours exercising in the gym.

For this reason, they're also helping us dearly as seen on the wonderful posts they have in their Vine, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. It is actually more than enough you two, thanks a bunch!

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