C2010-511 One Of The Leading Certification From IBM

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Published: 05th December 2016
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The C2010-511 is for the certification of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1 Implementation. This examination contains total numbers of 70 questions and total time allowed to complete the examination is 90 minutes. If candidates want to achieve the certification, then need to score minimum 65 percent. This examination is only available in English language.

Following are the topics that will be covered in the C2010-511, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1 Implementation examination. Candidates should note that apart from below mentioned topics, additional topic might appear related to the examination.

Identifying on which part of the hardware and software information is located.
Decide user backup methodology depended on user data.
Evaluate and assess the ability level so that educational chances can be created.
Decide disaster recovery necessities so that a resolution that matches the disaster recovery necessities is accessible.
Decide the necessary firewall construction in order to allow the data backup and recovery facilities for client's environment.

Given suitable software, hardware, and networking access along with the TSM 7.1.0 server code and installation credentials follow the processes configure the server.
Construct the server in order to backing up data with the configured TSM server.
Follow the processes of software, hardware and network so that the Backup-Archive user is installed.
Construct the storage tool hardware in order to write the backup data on the device.
Utilize the accessible TSM tools to gather the information so that the tools can be utilized as objectives for backup.
Describe and install procedures center so that operations center is prepared to utilization.
Install and construct encryption so that files are encrypted earlier to being backed up.
Construct IBM Tivoli Flash Copy Manager (FCM) so that FCM is constructed and accessible.

Construct log space and database, so that the log space and database is accessible.
Describe tape libraries so that the Tape Libraries are constructed in TSM.
Set up pools so that major storage pools can be constructed in TSM.
Explain collocation groupings so that nodes can be described in collocation groups.
Recognize the accurate bare metal restore resolution so that client can be given right recommendation.

Describe archive and backup copy collections, and employ the expired inventory control.
Update or describe storage pools to identify reclamation factors.
Recognize the right level of authority necessary so that the administrator can execute the necessary actions.
Handle the client alternatives so that the customer can hook up with the TSM server.

Problem Determination
Review error alerts, logs, schedule logs, and event query, logs the database and storage pools.
Review error messages, allow cyclic redundancy checking, and evaluate current network throughput with earlier network throughput.

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