Can God Heal Your Damaged Emotions? Yes and Here Are The Five Ways He Does It!

Published: 17th June 2015
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Do you have emotional pain coming from past traumatic events or present circumstances? Has your heart been banged up and bruised by "rough handling"? It is so hard to pass through life unscathed!

Have you ever wondered, "Is emotional healing even possible? Can I ever get over the things that have bruised and broken my heart?"

The answer is yes! There are five ways God gives us that are practically guaranteed to mend anyone's emotional pain. They really work, but we have to be willing to work them!

1) Give God your tears. A sudden eruption of tears over remembered pain, can feel like a reproach: "I'm not over this yet!" We tend to blame the tears as if they were the problem. In truth they are a God-graced part of the solution.

Try thinking of tears as "liquid prayers" which hold a secret message. From infancy we hated to cry and not be heard. We all need someone to care--or we can't release the burden we are carrying.

Our loving Father wants us to discover how much He cares! Give your tears to Him--He is listening!

2) Forgive everyone who hurt you. This doesn't come easily. Giving birth isn't easy either, but thank God, that didn't stop your mother from doing it!.

We may dig in our heels with heated arguments, seeking to excuse ourselves from doing it, but the pain will never go away until we forgive. Forgiving is giving the pain to God and trusting Him with it.

I once helped a man forgive three men who had nearly hacked him to death with machetes. For ten years he lived to find them and kill them. The thought of going to jail didn't scare him--his prison was already there on the inside. Happily, he released them from his bitter judgments and became a free man himself.

3) Seek the prayers of others. Bringing our wounds to the light of Christ may feel uncomfortable, but it is worth the risk. "Secrets" are a breeding ground for spiritual infections! This divine remedy means finding a trustworthy friend but it also means going to them with the right purpose in mind.

The wisdom of scripture advises us to confess our own sins to one another and pray for one another "that we may be healed." It does me little lasting good to tell someone about the wrong done to me, unless I am willing to let them help me forgive the injury! That is why you need the right friend--one who wants to help you God's way..

A friend can also pray for us in ways we simply cannot. Their heart for us enables them to draw on their faith and that gives their prayers true wings; whereas our own broken heart often holds our faith hostage to self pity or despair.

4) Trust your life to God's promises. Few things have worked in my life better than this one, but I had to fight hard to gain the ability. When we have been clobbered by life, it is easy to fall prey to blaming or distrusting God for not saving us from having to go through such pain.

In order to bridge the gap, God gives us promises of restoration: "I am with you. I love you. I will make all things work for your good." That last one I affectionately call the "magnificent promise" for I had to hang my whole tormented life upon it for the longest time in order to hope that a better day was coming. And it did!

5) Position for divine interventions. God being God, it should come as no surprise that there is nothing we can do to force His Hand. Nevertheless, He invites us to seek Him where He can be found and to seek Him first that all other good things may be added in.

I have known people who were healed by words of scripture that seemed to "come to life" just for them. Some have been released through dreams God gave them. Still others have been set free by supernatural visitations from the Lord Himself.

These friends were all simply "going on with their lives" but they were living fully for God as they went along. Then grace happened. You know where He can be found. Start seeking Him there--that's a good beginning. Grace wants to drop in on you too!

Are there more ways? For over 30 years I have been seeking my own mending from the Lord and helping a lot of others find theirs. I know of no other ways. My advice? Don't give up on these God-graced ways. They do work--you just have to work them!


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