Car Accident Attorney Tips for when You are Involved in a Hit and Run

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Published: 20th August 2017
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Car accident attorneys know that getting involved in an auto accident can be traumatic. However, when you are been involved in a hit and run accident, you can add tremendous stress and frustration to the situation. For the sake of clarification, a hit and run accident is any accident in which a driver intentionally leaves the scene without providing contact information. For example, if someone sideswipes your car while it is parked on the street and then they drive off without leaving contact information, that is one example of a hit and run.

If you are driving in your vehicle and get in a collision with another car and that driver speeds off without leaving information, that is also a hit and run. Hit and run accidents can involve any combinations of vehicles and pedestrians; any time someone is involved in a collision and leaves the scene without offering any help or calling an ambulance.

Reasons why a person may flee the scene of an accident:

o They are in trouble with law enforcement
o They do not have a valid driver's license
o They are uninsured
o They were texting and driving
o They are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
o They panicked and made a bad decision

None of the above reasons is a valid excuse, and the law clearly states that leaving the scene of an accident is unacceptable.

If you are involved in a hit and run
If you ever find yourself to be a victim of a hit and run driver, several important steps should be taken immediately following the accident:

o Dial 911 immediately.
o Gather as much information as possible such as a description of the car or driver and the information of any witnesses.
o Call your insurance company
o Take photos
o Do not move any remaining vehicles until after police arrive
o Stay as calm

Unfortunately, it is becoming common that a driver or a person will flee the scene of an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, hit and run accidents are increasing in numbers every year. Fortunately, legislators and lawmakers are creating tougher laws in some of the states with the highest rates of damages and deaths. If you have been a victim of this especially devastating type of accident, you need to contact a Charlotte car accident attorney for a free consultation.

Speak to a car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC
The personal injury lawyers are ready to assist car accident victims and their families. If you have been hurt in a road rage, or a hit-and-run accident, their legal team will work very hard to ensure that your medical expenses and lost wages will be covered. Please give them a call to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your auto injury.

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