Career in Sports: Combine passion and profession

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Published: 30th April 2020
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A missile-like delivery which smashes and scatters the wickets as if they are matchsticks and the stadium explodes in a gigantic cheer, the camera replays the action and those on television watch in admiration as the bowlerís arm makes a perfect delivery and the batsman is rendered helpless. Claps and shouts echo in the living rooms and the bowler becomes a hero. The story is not very different when it comes to other sports in India too.
Nearly every child in India has grown up admiring sportsmen they appear to be the perfect heroes with the whole nation cheering them on as they win accolades and bring honour to the country. If asked, there wonít be a kid who will say that they donít want to become like any of the famous sports persons.
However, despite the widespread devotion for sports and sports-persons, not everyone has the required amount of passion which can make a career in sports suitable for them because a career in sports demands a highly motivated and combative mind with a never-give-up attitude. The sports field is a field with the highest amount of competition, anyone who is willing to pursue it as a career also needs to have patience and perseverance.
In India as well as abroad, there are a wide range of professions which are connected with sports. Behind every team and even individual sports-persons, there is whole group of people who help and direct them throughout the various aspects of their profession. A sportspersonís life is much more than the time they spend in field, being cheered or booed by the spectators. They are trained in various disciplines by several professionals. Their performance in the field depends on their training from start till end and the way they are prepared by other experts. So, in a sports career, there are varied lines of works that one can take up based on their interest and inclination. Since the last several years, the demand for professional sports managers has shot up. There is also an increase in the demand for professional sports physicians and medical experts.
The increasing professionalization of sports has given way to several courses which specialize in sports or itís any particular aspect. There are degrees in physical education, sports sciences, and health education. These degrees cover subjects like sports management, sports nutrition, physiotherapy, fitness and also sports specific public relations management.
Even sportspersons cannot underestimate the value of a specialized degree or course in sports as it gives them a distinct edge in this highly competitive era. With a professional degree and training in sports, one can also open their own sports academy and training institute.
Many students have talents which vary from athleticism to sports management. Earlier, sports were treated more as a hobby but now it has evolved into a profession. Career counselling for students is important to guide interested and talented youngsters into this field.
Not everyone gets the chance to turn their passion into their profession. Donít miss the chance to earn while doing something they enjoy.

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