Caring For Your Beloved Pets: Why and Where Youíre Doing It All Wrong

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Published: 17th May 2020
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Weíre not privy to the fact that some couples start off with pets as a litmus test if they canít have kids. Some people pass the test and some people donít bother having kids because they enjoy the company of their critters. To the expectedly domestic like dogs, cats, birds, freshwater fishes, and small reptiles to eye-popping choices like snakes, scorpions, spiders larger than your face and others, well, non-mainstream options. But regardless of what kind of pet we choose, we try our best to express our love, care, and support. Even in ways we think is best for them but actually not and headed to the opposite direction. Have you ever thought that youíre smothering them with care and affection, but the truth is youíre doing it all wrong? Donít worry, BuyDBestís debunks some myths on some of your pets so you can show you love them the right way!
Bigger Cage=Happy Pet
As much as we donít like to put our pets in cages, some of our pets need to be in cages due to their small size, case in point - hamsters and birds. These animals strike the right balance between being social and private animals. But cramping them together in a small cage may cause your pets to develop cage aggressive or the feeling like they have to defend their space. But if they have plenty of it, youíll minimize this risk! Try Penn Plaxís Large Here and There Hamster Cage which is also great for birds and other small pets. Giving them a large cage will also reduce the chances of your hamster developing a compulsive behavior from boredom and agitation, such as bar chewing that can lead to broken teeth or circling/pacing behaviors. And we know you donít want that to happen! If youíre the ultimate girly girl or your daughter is one, then you can opt for another one from Penn Plax, Pink Princess Hamster Cage with a cage so spacious itís definitely fit for royalty.
Equalize Rest and Play
Reptiles and amphibians need their rest after all the swimming. And did you know that even though they can breathe underwater, they need to occasionally rise to the surface to get air. And even while swimming underwater, they need to always move their necks and limbs to be able to breathe continuously. Imagine the compromise and hassle of playing underwater but getting cut short because youíre running out of air. The solution? A basking platform near the surface! Reptology's Turtle Topper Above Tank Basking Platform has a unique underwater resting platform allowing your turtles and other reptiles a place to rest and get air without having to swim to the surface. Getting some fresh air and some heat rays encourage growth cells in them too! Couple that with the Reptologyís Small Turtle Pier which has a textured ramp for easy access.
Quality Sleep is Everything To Pets
Regardless if they thrive in land, sea or air, much like us humans, our furry (or scaly) friends need some good shut eye too? Why? Do you know those nasty behaviors that drive you mad, like excessive biting, barking, and running among others? Well, itís a sign that they are preparing themselves to sleep because they are removing their excess energy so they can have a good deep sleep. You see how dogs fatigue themselves just to get a deep snooze, help upgrade their sleep quality with Snoozerís Waterproof Pet Bed for a comfy and heavenly sleep.

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