CBSE Schools in Gurgaon: Widely Acknowledged Curriculums

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Published: 20th August 2017
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There are approximately 139 CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) schools in Gurgaon. Parents want schools with a good reputation along with well -built infrastructure and high quality teaching staff. Due to incidence of uber rich and children of expatriates, security is a new dimension which schools need to take seriously. Gurgaon offers schools from the entire spectrum. Some of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon namely are Ryan International School (Sector 40). It boasts of facilities like types of labs, music and dance room, and sports infrastructure. There are counsellors available for children to deal with the daily stresses. Also emphasis on Indian culture is mixed with encouragement to learn foreign languages. The faculty student ratio is 1:15.
The Paras World School in Sector 50 is specialised with a huge library with over 40,000 books automated library, broad band and wireless connectivity, Subject labs, design labs, multimedia labs are an integral part. A meditation centre also forms a huge part and indoor and outdoor sports facilities are maintained.
D.A.V Public School in Sector 14 despite being a public school has maintained high standards with a special robotics lab along with the subject labs, music and dance, gym and a photography lab. It boasts of 4,000 alumni with 155 teachers and is well known in extra-curricular activities as well.
Alpine Convent School is another one of good reputation with activity centres such as a skating rink, auditorium and theatre. Located in Sector 56, it has a practice of intermittent health checkups.
Suncity School in Sector 54 provides nine different types of latest labs such as Language, Math, Social Science, Multimedia and Multiple Intelligence. Music and Dance is a common part.
Delhi Public School in Sector 45 boasts of well built and spacious classrooms. Well equipped labs, internet connection, and all other common facilities form a part of the school. It is well renowned in academics as well as co-curricular activities.
These above were the top 6 schools of Gurgaon with CBSE curriculum. There are further many more such as Salwan Public School (Sector 15), Amity International(Sector 46), Lotus Valley International (Sector 50), Blue Bell Model School(Sector 4). These schools also figure in the top 10 each with its own speciality. Most schools have equivalent faculty and curriculum being the same enables comparison between kids and method of teaching. At the end students will benefit greatly from the style of teaching rather than fancy facilities.

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