Celebrate Christmas in Sydney with the Showboat party cruise

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Published: 17th May 2020
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Christmas is probably one of the most celebrated holidays the world over and Sydney is no exception. Though, celebrating a traditional Christmas at home is slowly becoming a thing of the past. People simply want to enjoy the holiday and spend quality time with family and friends, without having to slave over planning a get together or cooking a feast!

Sydney, of course, rises to the occasion and offers a whole lot of Christmas Day events to those looking to take their celebrations away from home. But, one of the stand-out events is the Sydney Showboat Christmas Day lunch cruise that gifts you an absolutely festive family cruise experience.

The Sydney Showboats host a delightful Christmas Day party cruise around Sydney Harbour, giving you the perfect venue to celebrate the season with family and friends. All decked up in Christmas colours, this luxury paddlewheeler elevates the Christmas experience with its very own style and entertainment, redefining the way you celebrate the occasion!

As you cruise around the picturesque Sydney Harbour, taking in the magnificence of its star attractions and the tranquillity of the surrounding bays, you will no doubt acknowledge the magnitude of the holiday that is Christmas! And, the fact that youíre sharing this fantastic experience with family and friends makes it all the more special! You can capture those special Christmas moments with Sydney Harbour lending its scenic beauty as a gorgeous backdrop!

And, the Showboat Christmas Day buffet lunch spread is something you can really look forward to. With the traditional hot turkey roast, glazed ham, cold meats, salads and desserts, the Showboat chefs serve up an absolutely mouth-watering feast!And, you can enjoy your Christmas feast listening to a jazz duo playing Christmas carols, adding to the festivity of the Showboat atmosphere.

Both children and adults alike have a surprise in store for them when Magic Santa makes an appearance and entertains them with the delightful tricks he has up his sleeve!

The Christmas Day party aboard Sydney Showboats promises a fun-filled, festive experience with all the trappings of a traditional celebration and a whole lot more that makes it distinctively special! So, reserve your seats well in advance if you donít miss out on a great Christmas Day party cruise in Sydney!

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