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Published: 06th February 2017
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“In a society that makes health and nutrition more confusing than ever, it's no surprise that people struggle with maintaining healthy eating habits. It often isn't for lack of trying but we are sent different messages and constantly being presented with contradicting information heavily influenced by the food industry and their desire to make big profits off of us. I was as clueless as the rest of society when I made the decision to turn my life around and focus on my health. The first person I reached out to was my brother, Mike. Since high school Mike was always passionate about fitness and over the years his curiosity and thirst for knowledge in regards to nutrition and it's part in becoming the healthiest we possibly can be has grown tremendously. I knew he would be able to steer me in the right direction. It was over one year ago that the phone call took place and he introduced me to the paleo diet and challenged me to complete 30 days of it to better my health and begin living a healthier lifestyle. The difference between Mike and any other nutritionist I've encountered is that he wasn't going to just tell me how to eat and send me on my way, although he did tell me how to eat, he didn't make it that easy and for good reason. Mike explained to me why certain foods were unhealthy, how they affected my body, and what the benefits were of eating paleo both short term and long term. He sent me literature and spoke with me a few times a week about interesting articles and facts that he had come across. He sent me recipes and taught me how to cook. He did all of this from another state and his passionate involvement in my journey to better health is the reason I succeeded. He didn't present to me a diet, he presented a lifestyle and held my hand along the way but gave me the resources, information, and encouragement to let go of my hand and watch me continue to succeed because of the foundation he built with me. The most incredible thing about my brother is that he is just as passionate about his clients as he is his own family. The special treatment he gave me was not a blood relative benefit it was his genuine passion for health that he shares with anyone who is interested in bettering themselves. Mike always goes the extra mile. In his spare time he is always reading and finding out as much information as he possibly can, not only to better his understanding of his body and nutrition, but to be able to share that understanding in a way that anyone can comprehend. He believes that it is important not only to know how to eat healthy but why. I think that is so important in long term success. Mike spends much of his time on social media to share his message with as many people as he can possibly reach. He is truly an inspiration and I can honestly say I would not be the conscious health driven person I am today if not for his guidance. “

Erin Kneuer

Mike Kneuer, CPT, CES, FAS, FNS is a natural professional physique athlete, personal trainer, certified nutrition specialist, and functional aging specialist. He has a decade of experience helping people from all walks of life live healthier and better lives.

His #1 selling online program Project Shredded has changed the bodies of hundreds of guys seeking a shredded physique.

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