Changing your career and job

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Published: 20th November 2016
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There are many reasons to change your career or job. Perhaps you are selecting a major for college, and exploring jobs and careers. Your last child may have just moved out, and you're entering the work force. Maybe you're just tired of what you do and are looking for something new. Or you just lost your job and are under pressure. Whatever the reason, it is very important that you have a plan for finding your new career. This short article will help you develop and implement a search plan. It outlines some simple steps that you can follow so that you can get into your dream job or career ASAP.

First of all, you will want to consider having a budget for your career search project. It does not have to be a large amount of money, but if you can set aside some money, it will be money well spent. I suggest a minimum of $100.00 up to about $500.00. You may not end up spending it all, but in order to be effective, you will need to get some help. This includes career testing, resume help, premium job searching, and maybe a book or course on interviewing.

Second, I suggest that you spend some time researching careers that may be a good fit for you. There are a number of free career assessments available. However, when you find one that suites you, you may consider upgrading to a premium option. The best career path tests offer helpful tools which allow you to fully vet any career or job that you may be considering. Choose a career assessment that gives you insightful feedback, career and job outlook (you want to know if you can make money), job search assistance, and other career support. Some of the sites will offer tools that are suggested later in this article. So consider this entire article when picking a career path test offer.

Once you have narrowed down your career choice, it is important to create a cover letter and resume. It is equally important to make yourself visible online. These days resumes are often screened using software. The required elements for your making resume outstanding constantly changes. It is important that you either research current information on resume writing or work with a professional to create the right resume for your job search. It is good to work with someone who is familiar with the industry you want to enter. Creating a competitive resume is time and money well spent. Your investment will pay you dividends.

With your resume in hand, it is now time to search for jobs. There are many free job search sites out there. You should be aware though that 80% of available jobs are not found on those sites. This is known as the Hidden Job Market. To increase your chances of finding your dream job or career, consider joining a premium career or job site. These sites usually have a trial period and a reasonable monthly fee. Since your search will end at some point, consider joining one of the premium job search sites for the duration of your job search. Not only do premium job sites offer help uncovering the hidden job market, you often get access to other tools and information that will provide you with an edge over your competition.

Finally, you have to be prepared for your job interviews. Much like creating an effective resume requires professional help; the same is true for interviewing. At the very least, consider purchasing a book or getting some assistance in interview preparation. You may even consider taking a course or getting some coaching to put you at the top of your game. The better prepared you are when you walk into an interview, the more you will stand out, head and shoulders above the rest.

Starting a new career is an exciting time. However, it is more exciting to show up the first day of your new job than it is to conduct the job search. Have a plan, go step by step, and invest in yourself. There is an abundance of career help available for you. After you make a budget and have a plan, go choose the help that will lead you to your dream job or career.

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