China's software industry development prospects of 2015

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Published: 06th February 2017
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The software industry is a typical knowledge economy industries, and conventional industrial economy industries are very different. Future possible to maintain long-term stable growth. Information technology has enabled the Chinese government to implement the domestic market, the rapid development of computer hardware, but also created the potential for software market. At present the situation of China's software industry is: a huge demand, inadequate policies. From the development stage, the Chinese software industry now seems to be in the late embryonic stage. Given the unique position of the software industry in the national economy, the future of the Chinese government may introduce preferential policies for the software industry, and lead to the expansion of the industry into the period. The future of the software industry will be at least 30% of the average annual growth rate.

In various types of software, the domestic market and application software (including system integration) will be the main development direction of China's software industry. In view of China's software industry high growth rates and moderate return on investment, so the industry is a good investment. If the future government of India launched a similar good incentives, the industry will have a higher growth rate and a higher return on investment, thus becoming an excellent investment.

According to market research center Yu Chi industry understood that software development is divided into two categories, one is a universal software development; the other is software customization services. The future of domestic IT companies will require a lot of common software development personnel. Meanwhile, software customization services for all walks of life will also put forward higher requirements for software professionals, it is best employees in the industry can be designed to fit into the IT industry, software industry characteristics.

The number of college graduates in software talent is increasing, but still difficult to meet the needs of the software industry has developed rapidly. And there are graduates find jobs, enterprise supply and demand is difficult to find the right talent dislocation. Chinese government to develop software training business, set up software talent training base; combined college education and professional education, integration of schools, training institutions and IT enterprise resources, companies need to cultivate qualified personnel, to alleviate the shortage of talent phenomenon.

Changes in the global software industry and technological development to China's software industry has brought great development space and great development opportunities, the software industry demand for talent also on the rise. Talent supply gap will be the main theme of the next period of time the software talent market. Enterprises should strive to attract talented people and sought-after talents to enhance their competitive advantage in terms of talent.

Overall China software development, the development of China's software industry more and more Chinese management attention and support software services Division was established and future industrial policy is expected to show the development of the industry will usher in a new opportunity.

And with the development of technology allows companies have increased investment in R & D, research and development is expected to pay class and technical categories of persons will exceed the class project management staff, a senior software engineer salary will be about 11 million; in addition, by the Pull IC chip industrial development, systems engineers and hardware engineers will also pay increase, the future of this field worth a senior technical personnel will soar recovery of the Internet to make it pay the same employees usher warmer.

Domestic IT companies pay levels still a gap compared with foreign companies, salaries of Chinese employees working for foreign companies in the industry is still paying flag. But the difference is first entered China, the current foreign IT companies have a better understanding of China's pay levels, pay give more rational. Similarly, the Chinese IT enterprises have accelerated the pace of internationalization, in remuneration, it is also gradually in line with the international companies. Currently both the gap is narrowing.

Currently the most widespread among SMEs of information products were financial management, office automation system, customer relationship management systems, business process management and enterprise resource planning systems. Early software companies are mostly concentrated in these segments, along with the industry to explore applications, there have been many industry application software and solutions provider figure. And in the major segments of the software, application development software and services industry is more tremendous. Plus policy-driven, technological progress, and the impact of the international market, the domestic software and application systems industry there is a large room for growth.

From the Chinese software industry market analysis and investment research report Development Planning vigorously promote understanding with the future of urban development and urban construction, intelligent transportation construction demand for software will increase. In addition, the rise of mobile Internet, driven by technological innovation and information and communications, business and financial, cultural and recreational aspects, but also will promote technological change in the software industry.
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