Choosing Between Dedicated Server & VPS

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Painless choice is the Unicorn of the business industry. Especially when it comes to server arrangement, companies have multiple choices available in the industry. Good….. but confusing at the same time!
CloudIBN the leading name in the IT industry, today focused on its view about choice of server. Whenever any business is going to revamp their existing IT infrastructure, there are many decisions that need to be taken. The most important one is choice of server!
Primary choice actually depends upon the kind of business you are trying to run and its specific requirements. The key factors for such a decision include taking into consideration a company’s financial plans, required configuration, requirement of physical storage, expected flexibility and last but not least…..capability of your hosting provider to suit company’s needs.
Both Dedicated server and the VPS have their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to take the best decision, companies must figure out which benefits are most in line with their objectives.
Organisations who see major applications and considerable traffic in their future may wish to select dedicated server option, as it can sustain a more secured system of operations but then they will have to shell out more cost as compared to VPS.
However budding organisations, who don’t expect that much of computing power, can save financial resources by using VPS with shared hardware and storage.
Hosting providers generally provide a lot more operational capability in dedicated server than in VPS. In a business that needs intensive memory applications….Dedicated server is the best choice. And a wrong choice of server may have a great impact on the functionality of the business especially as data security becomes a major cause of concern for organisations.
But if you are talking about flexibility, that is the area where VPS rules. The ease in changing the physical configuration of VPS is its strongest point apart from its cost. Why? Simply because it’s virtual! Whenever you want to upgrade your storage, memory or bandwidth, give a call to your hosting provider and they will increase it in short period of time. Whereas in dedicated server one may even have to migrate to different server.
It is ideally suggested to assess internal requirements of an organisation and finally decide which would be best suited for their particular business model.
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