Choosing the Best Kitchen Curtains

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Published: 17th August 2015
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Since the kitchen is such an important part of any home, most people spend a lot of time making it look inviting and comfortable. One of the easiest and best ways to spruce up a kitchen is to simply buy kitchen curtains. Choosing a new set of curtains can be an affordable way to help improve the look of your kitchen without having to spend a lot of money on costly renovations. Interior designers have used kitchen curtains for a long time in their decorating ideas. There are many different designs available. Once someone decides on the perfect curtain type for their kitchen, the next step is to hang the curtains. This can be challenging because many people do not know the proper way to hang curtains. Here are some tips that can help people with this challenge.

Use Coat Hooks

The best fit for kitchen windows are metal hooks that are attached above the window. After the hooks are attached, it is good to append the fabric ties or rings at the curtain's top so that the curtain will stay secure and in place. If a person does not want to get too complex, he or she can easily use complimentary designs like flowers or bows to add more ingenuity to the entire process.

Use Brass or Glass Door Knobs

This technique comes highly recommended because it is very easy to do. You do not need experience to use this technique. Anyone can find old doorknobs at antique shops, and they will work well. You can attach these knobs to the top of the windows where you plan to hang the curtains. You can use fabric ties to attach the curtain and the mounted knobs.

Use Spoon

Spoons and forks can be used. Bent forks and spoons can be reused for your kitchen curtains instead of being thrown away. You simply need to use pliers to bend the spoons and forks into a hook shape. Then you can attach them to the top of your windows with ease.

Cup Hooks

You can also use cups that are not going to be used anymore. Cups make great hooks. The handles of cups can be separated and then beautifully transformed into customizable attachments. All that you have to do is slip the cup hook on the attached curtain. You can add color to the cup handles to personalize them. You can also enjoy saving money by recycling materials that you already own.


You can also use pins from clothes that you have just purchased. The pins can be put on top of the window. A cord can connect all of the pins to make a unique curtain hanger. You can leave the wood alone or add acrylic paint to give it a better design.


If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to hang kitchen curtains, try using a wire. This will make hanging curtains as simple and easy as hanging a picture. You can use eye screws that can be easily found on the back of the majority of picture frames. These make a great hook substitute. Screws that have tabs are also good to use for this method. The wire is simply and easily spread from the eye screw. It will run across tabs that are attached into the other eye screw. After your kitchen curtains are in their proper place, you can tighten the eye screws. Be sure to tighten both eye screws on each side of the window. You want to be confident that everything is secure and that everything looks good too. For mote tips and advice, take a look at these tip sheets: curtain designs, valances and Kitchen Curtains

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