Choosing The Right Rug Guru Rug is as easy as 1-2-3

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Published: 05th December 2016
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The warmth of rugs under your feet and the beauty that they impart the room are the main reasons they are in so much demand. It is important that an informed decision is made when buying a rug for your dream home.

Floor decor is one of the important aspects of home decoration or even remodeling. Floor decor is all beautiful rugs that are available in varieties aplenty in markets today. One of the most critical things about rugs is choosing them. There are several factors that come in play when choosing the perfect one for your home.

Material Understanding

The most important factor is the material that makes the rug. It's not just about how beautiful the rug looks, the material needs to be compatible with health standards of your family. Rugs are mainly made of two types of materials - natural and synthetic. Examples of natural materials are wool, silk, and cotton while those of synthetic are usually made with artificial methods.

The Knot Per Square Inch Requirement

The pattern of the rug is decided by the number of knots per square inch. Rugs can be made from 30 knots per inch up to 290 knots per inch. The ones with lesser knots are usually coarse and make for great outdoor rugs while the ones with more make for great drawing room and bedroom decor.

Kind Of Rugs

Rugs come for usage in all areas of the house - indoors as well as outdoors. They can be used as hallway runners, bathroom anti-slip mats, or for adorning living and bedrooms. Rugs can be found today in square, rectangle, and circular shapes hence made to fit in all areas.

Quality Lies In Perfection

It is important to evaluate the finesse of the weave of the rug. If you are buying the rug online, check the photo of the product or simply ask the dealer to send it across. If you are buying it from a retail store, it is easy to take the look and feel of the material. The defects to watch out for usually lie in the weaving style or the edge alignments.

Beware And Stay Informed

Double check the rug store that you are buying your rug from - be it online or a retail one. Do a serious market research to assess what kind of rug fits your requirement and budget and which store has gotten the best feedback. Check for any negative feedback about the dealer, there are many websites today that offer a convenient way of doing so.

Rug guru rugs are specially sourced rugs from corners of the world like India, China, and Middle East. These countries are the world's best exporter of handmade rugs that come in a variety of colours, textures, and patterns. They are also bespoke to fit the client's budget and preference. Available in vibrant colours like teal, black, green, chocolate, cream, and grey, they come in natural as well as synthetic materials. For the best variety of rugs,
buy online at major online stores.

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