Collaboration and Cooperation to Drive Turf & Ornamental Inputs Market

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Published: 06th February 2017
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The global Turf & Ornamental Inputs market has some selected global as well as regional players mainly in crop protection business. Since the input market is dominated by some selective players, collaboration with smaller and regional companies is preferred for acquiring new and unexplored markets. Companies based in the matured markets like US and Europe, are dominating the global input market place. As established and renowned players, acquisition of regional players so as to capture new and potential markets has been the major strategy here.

The chemical inputs giants BASF, Bayer CropScieneces, Dow Agro Science, Monsanto and Syngenta are dominating the turf and ornamental segment as well. Pesticides and fertilizers products provide most of the revenues to these companies. As per the recent figures, these top five major players account for 77% of the total market share. Focus of these MNCs is on developing a proprietary family of chemicals, seeds and genetic traits that have been formulated to work in tandem and keep them in the front row.

Merger and acquisition within companies to strengthen and expand the product line and obtaining distribution rights for the specific region is an essential strategy now. For instance, Syngenta acquired the DuPont turf insecticides product range. The deal further helped Syngenta in developing new product Award II fire ant bait with abamectin as the active ingredient.

Collaboration and cooperative strategies may be helping the players expanding and strengthening base throughout the globe; but greater scope of growth would come from new product developments and innovations. Launching of new products to cater the requirement for ever emerging new infestations and new pest generations can be the only long term plan for the input industry. The market has seen release of wide range of products during the past 3 years.

Some Developments:
Syngenta launched its Heritage brand of products which is very effective against brown ring patch and pythium root dysfunction diseases.
BASF released new fire ant bait called Siesta with a new active, metlaflumizone.
AMVAC has introduced AUTILUS turf fungicide, a new product that can be used to control anthracnose on golf course putting greens, tees and fairways.

In last five years of 2009 to 2014, some new players have entered the market place and are seen actively doing their business, be it adopting new business strategies or expanding their product offerings. American Vanguard Group, Koch Agrochemicals and AMVAC are few names with most significance in the recent past.

Turf and ornamental sector is a niche market with high potential of growth in the coming years. Economic growth of countries with our shifting preferences for affluence and luxury would surely give the required push for the industry to grow. However, while demand is expected to be robust, the input supply needs to be strong enough. Companies cannot compromise with quality while dealing with a new and sensitive segment like turfs and ornamentals. So to tap the new horizons and be competitively stable, companies related to the input sector are putting efforts on Research & Development for product and service innovations. They are also collaborating with various research houses and universities for the same purpose.

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