Colorful Festivals Focusing on The Very Rich Heritage of Ladakh

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Published: 26th June 2015
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Ladakh which means “Land of High Pass” is a region in Jammu and Kashmir located amazingly in Kundun Mountains on the north and Great Himalayas on the south. Mainly put to use for trading purpose in the past, the town has been encouraged for tourism by Government of India. This whole place was the dwelling place of many Buddhist monks and still today a few can be seen in the largest town of Ladakh, Leh. Due to the climatic conditions of this region, people mostly don’t work during the winter season. This is when all the festivals are celebrated. These festivals are mainly gatherings of people along with stalls selling eatables and daily need goods. Entertainment takes place in the form of masked dance and dance dramas which are very colorful.

How to reach Ladakh

Leh has an airport and it has direct flights daily from Delhi, Jammu and Srinagar. But the whole beauty of the place can be enjoyed if taking the road. The Srinagar – Leh road is open between June and November and leads to a spectacular journey in a jeep.

Colorful festivals of Ladakh

These festivals are the place for local people from far and nearby to demonstrate their talents. The main idea behind the festival is the triumph of good over evil and that is spoken aloud by the Lamas who are dressed in colorful robes and masks. Every monastery would try to demonstrate their culture in these festivals. Rare instruments and weapons even religious objects can be seen in the performances.

First day of any ceremony is very interesting. Along with musicians, dancers and singers the Male Lama is accompanied by the monks. Not all festivals are celebrated in the winter; there are some festivals which are celebrated in the warmer season. All this apart, any festival celebrated there is colorful and very appealing to the eyes of a tourist. Anyone can feel the festival season in their blood when they visit the place during the celebrations.

15 days Ladakh Festival

This 15 day festival is organized by the Jammu and Kashmir tourism development which brings together the local communities and district administrators. The main aim of this festival is to revive the old culture and traditions along with the heritage to be enjoyed by the world. This festival is a great time for the tourist to enjoy and understand the culture and lifestyle of the people of Ladakh.

The festival starts with a long procession basically promoting several cultural troupes and performances of school kids. The local people dress themselves in local costume of Ladakh which has very loud colors. You can also watch the age old arts which are performed only during this festival. Many traditions and old stories involving those traditions are either acted out or told in the form of dance dramas. It is like watching history of Ladakh unfolding before your eyes.

What not to miss?

Lama dances, yak dancing and wild lion dancing are some extraordinary amusement which one shouldn’t miss. Archery events also take place during these festivals. Also you get to taste the traditional food of Ladakh. Most people prepare the food in their home to be shared among others during the festival.

People can also buy handicrafts and art items related to Ladakh and have them as souvenirs. Don’t forget to buy those famous kaleidoscopes; it brings colors and art to life.

It is quite interesting to be a part of these festivals. They are so vibrant that you can feel it in yourself too. If you are so bored of going to other places during winter, pull up a Ladakh Tours. They offer you everything in terms of energy and zeal that makes you feel alive and not dull in winter seasons. The colors and dance are moments you would try to remember forever.

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