Compatible or branded printer cartridges Which are more profitable?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Printer cartridges are generally divided into four major categories - refilled, re-manufactured, branded and compatible printer cartridges. Let us discuss on to these four categories one by one and we will get to know which category can be more beneficial for end-user and customer.

Branded Printer Cartridges
Branded or genuine printer cartridges are manufactured by OEM printer manufacturers. When they are used along high quality papers, they usually assure 100 percent results and high quality print-outs.

Obviously, cost is high when compared to compatible cartridge manufacturers and prices also varies from one brand to other and Company to Company. When there is a need of bulk printing, it is quite impossible to afford branded printer cartridges for small or medium sized businesses.

Compatible Printer Cartridges
Compatible printer cartridge are slightly different from refilled and remanufactured cartridges. These are generally manufactured by third party and highly affordable when compared to branded printer cartridges. For the Company who want to cut down his printing costs, compatible printer cartridges are cheap and best alternative option available in market.

Remanufactured Cartridges
Have you heard of remanufactured cartridges? These are branded or genuine printer cartridges that were collected during recycle program. Now these cartridges are cleaned properly by third party and tested by manufacturers with different printers either they are working correctly or not.

If they are perfectly fine working good with the printer then refilled by third party manufacturer and ready to sell in the market. These are not only affordable but saves our metal resources as well. It helps in protecting environment too.

Refilled Cartridges
This is the last category in the list. Refilled cartridges can be expensive or affordable depends where you shop. Sometimes refilled cartridges are expensive than buying new compatible cartridge. SO better idea is to make proper research and check where to get best cartridges for your printer.

Now the question is which cartridge is right for my printer?
Generally for medium or small sized business, the best idea is to use compatible printer cartridges. They are easily available in market with leading compatible printer cartridges like ProDot. ProDot is historical name for compatible laser cartridges and DMP cartridges. ProDot has more than 70 % share in market for compatible laser cartridges and DMP cartridges.

However, if you have to keep the photos or print-outs in a file for years, then we recommend you to use branded or genuine printer cartridges for maximum print density and long lasting print-outs.

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