Complete a Home Body Detox by Juice Fasting

Published: 23rd July 2007
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Juice fasting is a type of fasting diet where an individual only consumes juice created from both fruits and or vegetables. This technique is also used as a Detox diet, which is done to cleanse organs in the body that have built up contaminants and toxins. I personally like to juice fast because it leaves me feeling more alive and ready to take on anything.

Juice fasting is normally associated with a Detox diet, in order to promote health since less energy is required to digest food during a juice fast. Because of this, the body can focus its energy on expelling toxins that have built up over the years.

Because toxins can accumulate in many different parts of the body, certain juice fasting diets target specific areas of the body. Some juice fast diets target the kidneys, liver, urinary tract, and even the skin. The immune system and the brain can also be stimulated by juice fasting, which will leave you healthier and feeling better than ever.

In addition to detoxifying certain organs, juice fasts have many other benefits. Some perform a juice fast for religious reasons, while others may do it just to shed some extra weight. Juice fasting can also help to end a bad habit, such as smoking, over eating, or even an addiction to caffeine. Juice fasting is also an alternative medicine practice, used for illnesses ranging from depression to cancer.

A Detox diet can vary in the amount of time it is practiced, and some people even indulge in week long fasting periods up to two times a year. Some perform monthly juice fasts that last only a couple of days, while others actually make a vacation out of it and travel to exotic locations like Thailand. I like to fast once or twice a year, since it takes about six months for toxins to accumulate in the blood stream.

Most fruits and vegetables do not contain fiber in the juice form, so it is sometimes necessary to stimulate certain organs in order to stimulate waste. Some fasters use enemas to speed up the process, while others take an herbal or saltwater laxative to help with stimulation.

One method that works great at stimulating the colon and intestines to expel waste is to include psyllium husks in the juicer, since they are able to create enough bulk to make enough waste to stimulate the necessary organs. I personally like to take a supplement with fiber, because it gives your body everything it needs to function normally.

There are many different fruits and vegetables that offer great health benefits, but not all of them work during a juice fast. Certain greens work great in a juicer, such as parsley, kale, and spinach. Broccoli and cabbage also work great, and can add a unique flavor to the juice.

Some root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and carrots work great in juice fasts, since they offer great nutritional value and also taste great. Grapes, apples, and citrus fruits offer a great amount of juice, and can sweeten up your juice fasting experience. Spearmint, peppermint, ginger, and green onion are a few of the herbs that taste great in juice, along with wheatgrass, fennel, and even basil. I personally love carrots and citrus fruits, because they have a tart yet sweet flavor.

A juice fast does not have any direct side effects, as long as the person fasting is taking care of their body. Even though juice from fruits and vegetables provide the body with various vitamins and minerals, it is sometimes necessary to also include a multivitamin to give the body everything it needs. As long as the body is getting everything it needs to function, juice fasting can provide the body with great health benefits.

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Amy Bass has been studying health for over ten years and is very passionate about natural health and alternative medicine.

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