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Published: 06th February 2017
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How to Improve Battery Life

If you're practically to throw your iphone using the wall on account of user frustration, you're reading this inside nick of energy. Your iphone doesn't have to be anything of mystery. The article below can assist you master your iphone and transform it into a work of genius as opposed to something being reviled.

iPhones are set to lock automatically following a specific amount of time. When the Auto-Lock feature in the iPhone is activated, the phone goes to nap. Setting the phone to fall asleep after 1 minute of use will make sure that minimum iPhone life of the battery is wasted. The Auto-Lock/sleep feature of the iPhone is situated in General -> Auto-Lock.

My favorite iPhone battery app is known as Battery LED. It is accessible in both free and pro (99 cents) versions, with the only real difference being that the Pro version does not have small banners running across the bottom of the screen. This app includes a very colorful interface that won't only teach you the amount total electric batteries you've left, but will also show how much power you've got to do individual tasks like gaming, browsing the net, and so forth. I have read some reviews where people with third generation iPods said it readings were inaccurate, but I can't verify that. This battery app in concert with iPad, too!

A low or dead battery is to blame for the frozen iPhone, in particular when it can be stuck with a black screen. When an iPhone battery is drained, it may stop working properly. Often times, the homescreen can be unresponsive, apps will close unexpectedly or perhaps a low battery symbol can have through to the screen directing that you charge your phone.

The Nexus One is a great phone similar to the iPhone but is often a Google product. The hardware from it seems finer quality than the iPhone but as well the frequency of which do the users care about the interior specifications providing it performs just what it needs to do? The truth is much less often. People want to see results and so they want sleek, shiny, and workable. The Nexus One has a lot to reside around if it plans to rival the 4G and honestly, I dont think its potential.

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