Cruise Cabin Selection Tips

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Selecting your cruise cabin could be head-spinning. Brochures, magazines and some reviews about cabins can be confusing and sometimes tricky. Descriptions and pictures that explain the cabin features are very alluring, so we tend to expect a lot from that cabins we thought were good. All cabins are good but, it is pretty hard to find the exact cabin that matches our expectations and satisfaction.

In order to avoid disappointment with your cruise cabin, you need to check some vital information before you book for your cruise cabin. This important information is sometimes disregarded by some cruisers- consider your options carefully to get your best cabin that suit your needs. Here are the following tips in selecting the best cruise cabin:

1. Know each cabin category.

There are four cabin categories, namely: Inside, Outside, Balcony and Suite. Inside is the cheapest cabin category and Suite is the most expensive cabin category. Here are the details of each cabin category.

Inside - There are different types of Inside cabins.

● Standard - The standard type of inside cabin is small and cheap, but it has a flat TV screen, twin or king bed, bath robes, etc.

● Deluxe Inside Cabin - Disney cruise line provides deluxe inside cabin. It can accommodate 4 passengers with 1 bed, 1 convertible sofa and bathroom.

● Inside Accessible Cabin - features wider doors, automatic cabin doors, grab bars, roll-in shower, and ramped bathroom thresholds. The inside accessible cabins are designed for the guests or passengers with mobility disabilities or other disabilities that need the features provided by the accessible inside cabin.

● Inside Spa Cabin - This stateroom has twin beds that are convertible to king bed. It has ample closets and drawers, television and fine facilities like basin, shower and toilet. This type of cabin comes with the spa package which is exclusive for passengers who book for this kind of cabin. It provides an entry access to spa accommodations.

Outside - Outside cabins are larger than the standard Inside cabins and have a view of the ocean. There are two main different cabins namely the obstructed and the non-obstructed outside cabin. The obstructed can give you the partial sea view while the non-obstructed outside cabin will let you see the world outside of the ship through your own portal.

Balcony - Balcony cabins have verandah. Like the outside cabin, balcony cabins could be unobstructed and obstructed. Unobstructed balcony cabins can let you enjoy the outdoor view and outdoor space without leaving your room. Obstructed balcony cabins can give the partial view of the ocean. Aside from obstructed and unobstructed balcony, there are vast varieties of balcony cabins to choose from. There are premium, extended, cove, vista, aft, front, etc. Each type has different sizes, designs and amenities.

Suite - the most expensive cabin. It comes with different options. You either choose a mini suite, or junior suite, ocean suite, grand suite, etc. Each suite type has different amenities. Despite the differences of each type of suites, each suite provides big, spacious, cozy and comfortable room.

2. Avoid noisy cabin.

The next thing you need to consider is the noise. Engine vibrations or noise from noise polluters could be very annoying. Sometimes, it is hard for you to sleep due to these noises. If you are sensitive to noise , you need to choose a cabin that is not near to the engine room and other earsplitting cruise ship places such as dining room, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, kitchen, theater, pool, fitness center or elevators.

3. Dealing with motion sickness

Do you get seasick easily? If your answer is yes, it is best for you to choose the midship cabins. Cruise ships are now built with advanced stabilizers to lessen the shaking motion of the ship due to tides and rough wind. It is advisable for those passengers or guests with motion sickness to book early. Lower deck midship cabins are one of the most demanded cabins for passengers sensitive to motion. If you book later, you might lose the chance to book the midship cabins.

4. Cruising Solo, with Family or Companions

If you are cruising solo, with family or companions, it is necessary to know your options and needs. There is no problem with cruising solo because any cabins will do for you in terms of space. If you are cruising with family and with larger number of companions, fitting in one cabin could be impossible. There are some cabins categories from some cruise ships that can accommodate five passengers in one cabin. However, most of the cabins can accommodate four passengers only.

To accommodate larger families , you can opt for booking two or more cabins. You can either book connecting or adjacent cabins. If you are bringing children in the age of two to twelve, they should be supervised with an adult per cabin. Infants are also considered as one passenger.

If you have traveling companions, but you want to have your own cabin, note that staying alone in a cabin could be more expensive that joining with the others in a cabin. Some cruise lines provide discount for the third and fourth passengers as well.

5. Know your budget.

It is important that you are sensitive to your budget. If you are willing to spend much, then you can opt for an expensive cabin such as suite. If you forget to consider the information mentioned above, there are still possibilities that you can't enjoy your trip even though you spend a lot for your cabin.

If you want to get the best cruise cabin, it is advisable to contact your trusted cruise travel agent for more information. You can either visit some cruise travel agent website, such as CruiseCompete or CruiseDeals to maximize your budget. Happy cruising!

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