Cushion Covers: Give New Life To Outdoor Furniture

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Outdoor furniture acts as the vital part in orgazning a comfortable sitting in garden area. Therefore, we all have beautiful furniture such as chairs and tables, benches, loungers and swings that provide inviting spaces for dining and relaxing in lawns. They provide comfort and style to enjoy in the lap of nature. It has been observed that there is a lack of decorating accents on the patio furniture. As per experts, dash of gorgeous cushion covers would be enough to make garden as inviting as your ineteriors.
Cushion for outdoor furniture:
For comfortable outdoor furniture, certain extent of the cushions provide a layer of padding that turns chairing with hard surfaces into restful and relaxing objects. The various different types are made available, including cushions for chairs, benches, chaise lounges and window seats.
While choosing cushion covers for outdoor furniture there are few things that need to keep in mind:
Type and size:
Be sure what type of cushion is required. When choosing an envelope for outdoor furniture, it would be necessary to measure the cushion pad first. It would ensure a correct fit and thus the beautiful outcome.
Seat envelopes: Measure width and depth of the chair seat
• Chair back envelopes: Measure width and height of the chair back.
• Chair envelopes: measure depth and width of the chair seat. Subtract thickness of seat cushion from height of chair back/ cushion.
• Chaise lounge envelopes: Measure length of the chaise lounge seat and back
• Bench envelopes: measure width and length of bench
• Window seat envelopes: measure width and length of window seat
Bear in mind that they should pump well to fill the cover completely for it to look plump and inviting. Too large may be lost in it, too small can be distorted and uncomfortable. Ideally, they have to be used owing to its perfect fit.
Materials: Look for materials that offer some resistance to factors when purchasing them for outdoor use.
• Polyester: Water resistant, good resistance to mold, dries quickly and good for them. They are not completely waterproof. Retains softness and can be washed in a warm wash.
• Acrylic: resistant to water, stains and fading. Can withstand easier to clean than several vinyl fabrics. Retains softness, not completely waterproof. They can be washed on a cold water.
• Marine fabrics: waterproof backing, can be left to outdoors permanently. Comfortable but tougher cleaning with gentle detergent.
Style and color:
The color and style of cushion cover largely depend on the personal preference. You need to bear in mind that the existing design suits the furniture or the garden design with a more traditional or contemporary look. They may add shades of bold, dark or light colors to create a simple yet effective style. Move to more traditional designs of seat covers for the dramatic look.
Outdoor envelopes usually come with guarantee against the factors such as fading. They may stipulate the number of hours to be left outside.
The envelopes are available for various types of outdoor furniture such as chaise lounges, table and chairs, benches and window seats. They differ on the factors such as material, types and size and style to be considered. The perfect envelope will match seamlessly with other elements of the garden.
Cushion covers India can enhance and transform the look of your space. Swayam makes your home look fabulous with amazing prints and colors. Choose your selection according to your home décor. They will impart a stylish appearance according to the desires and comfort of home décor.

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