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Published: 31st October 2014
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Therefore if you would like customize your Galaxy S4 and you're quite interested in kind of changing up how your secure screen functions there's some really very interesting features here.

Therefore just what you may need to do, come into setup initial of all, choose to my device and then come into the secure screen and then from the lock screen you've have a few assorted choices, such as several widgets. This time this is a component of Android 4.2 and it allows you to spot widgets on your secure screen. Brilliant!

Then, many of these widgets are generally available from kind of Samsung plus they entail points like your favourite a or camera or apps or an individual a message or clock and you are able to change only just what you want to need showcased there. Just need a time clock or you will have it with an individual content like companion message.

And if you would like you are able to edit that message poised it to absolutely anything you like and really cool it's had gotten customization options which

even keep the kind of great look and feel.

So whenever we choose below. Androidizen. And after that if I want to we can change the text. There's a few basically built in to start with to give you a pleasant typical look and feel.

I've not discover a way to actually change those fonts but. But one can after that in addition incorporate various types of shade overlays etcetera or have it transparent, what kind of font type you prefer etcetera.

Really really pleasant so that's a fast customization for the front screen then again you've got your very own shortcuts because well. This time going into shortcuts will make it easier to place icons regarding the secure screen.

So these icons it is possible to customize. Right now you prefer to be cautious because protection is a chunk of a question after you're making use of these secure screen icons because effectively a person just has to touch over the symbol and it will automatically power-up that particular application.

Obviously if it's your cellphone or the camera that could cause you a few trouble from a protection aim of view and so simply be careful which shortcuts you choose to help.

You could potentially display assist text on the secure screen as well and you possibly can also generate wake-up commands because well. If you happen to become making use of the S Voice work you can basically assert wake up Galaxy S or Hi Galaxy or something that way and the lock screen will automatically wake-up.

It's quite a nice tip. You've got unlock effects as well which are really form of greyed out because I've have one of the other features changed on, I think it's the several widgets but effectively that just changes whether you get the ink effect or the sweet light effect.Groovy!

But let's choose in return now and let's have a look at the lock screen today we've created this change. Simply get free of that. This time if you swipe in from the part, doesn't always work quite because reliably as we would like this, Samsung could do with generating a little change but it should permit you, there we go, to get into these widget areas and from here you are able to after that pick any of these standard widgets that are already downloaded or whatever you may pick.

And so for instance I can have a Google today widget appearing on my personal lock screen. If I Would Like to. I can in addition invest the Samsung Observe On application so then I've had gotten complete control of my television and we do not have to actually log into the phone alone to get hold of it. we simply swipe across and then I've got my assorted infra purple controls available there.

If you swipe across to the some other part, moving to the right as it had been, sorry left! Hang on! Which method are you flicking? We're flicking left!

You have got a series of fast launch applications and once again self the safety on this certain component. Choose customize and to get rid of something that you don't want to become latest at the valuable time.

By way of example points that visitors can render mobile contacts or access your own camera or code without actually needing to log into the device.

But these tend to be really cool fast features and it's truly pleasant to see that Samsung need integrated this with 4.2 truly cleanly would you know what I suggest?

It's not a janky imitation at all, it works really well. As you can observe there, nice and fluid. But that's a really quick look at just what you can do because of the Samsung Galaxy S4 secure screen.

There's a lot of customization options here, it is possible to really render these secure screens your very own this time and with some really really cool widget qualities as well. we think Google today on your lock screen is definitely simply a great tip.

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