Dating for Widowers

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Dating for widowers in Sydney, Canberra, and rural areas of NSW & ACT. Vital Partners will help you to find someone special for you, where the decision will be yours. Enjoy happy & fulfilling life Again with Vital Partners.

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The loss of a wife can turn a man's life upside down for a long time, but many widowers soon begin dating again. Dating for widowers is not the same for everyone, however, and much depends on the circumstances of the death and the status of the relationship at the time.

Who Needs Dating for Widowers?

The question often arises about how soon someone should wait before seeking out the services of a matchmaking agency for widowers, and the answer will vary from one man to the next. For some the period may be only months, while for others the grief may remain too painful for many years. The grieving process can resemble a spiral and isn't something that suddenly gets turned off when a calendar date is reached. Only the widower himself can decide when the time is right for him.

How is Dating for Widowers Different?

A recent study of widowers in the United States and Canada who had been widowed at least two years was published in the book 'Resilient Widowers' (Prometheus Books). The study found that many of the participants suffered depression after their bereavement and also experienced regrets. Some lost interest in food or had trouble sleeping. The experiences were different for each of the subjects but all of them had an 'underlying traumatic residue.' Men who had lost spouses through sudden death tended to find the experience crippling and traumatic, especially in younger men who sometimes they had been robbed of a future. Men who had cared for their ailing wives were more resilient, had learned skills to help them in their new life after their wife's death, and also were more likely to decide to look for a dating agency for widowers earlier.

Dating for widowers can be very different to dating for other people because widowers can harbour a layer of guilt feelings or a sense of betrayal to a beloved wife. There may be some fear, especially after a long and loving relationship, since they may not have been on a date with a new person for decades, and may have no idea where to look. They may be encouraged by others to look online, but soon become disheartened by the fruitless search. A dating service for widowers that is powered by real people, not an algorithm, like Vital Partners, is far more likely to achieve a great result without the heartache of failed attempts at finding companionship and love again by dredging through thousands of online profiles.

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